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Nov 2, 2010
Jan 17, 2010
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Well-Known Member, Female

Emor was last seen:
Nov 2, 2010
    1. Dani Evar
      Dani Evar
      Cool! And there's gmail chat too. Gotcha! I'll come with the whole village to your open form, Platy! Entirely! The pensive night has fallen, and I'll overcome my hollow legs and still stalk you to the end of worm power and longitude. :-) :-D
    2. Dani Evar
      Dani Evar
      Don't go anywhere yet... EM. The smell of someone (other than me) stalking you brought me back. :-)
    3. mikeg26843
      you got stalked
    4. mikeg26843
      i know im lazy
      *stalk* x a billion
    5. mikeg26843
      *stalk* x a million
    6. mikeg26843
      *stalk stalk stalk*
    7. Dani Evar
      Dani Evar
      In a global volcanic winter, the human population could be reduced to just 1,000 breeding pairs, Mr. Bean says. Want to survive? ^_^ Hey, I'm on top. I have to be.
    8. Dani Evar
    9. xrobertxdavisx
    10. xrobertxdavisx
      lol. btw in episode 201 is shows that it was actualy santa in the bear suit lol. i love episode 201 it was awesome! . even with heaps of censors.
    11. xrobertxdavisx
      wonder if this cud get you banned by showing the image lol
    12. xrobertxdavisx
      it cuts off half way through,. a guy tristopiatv has this happen to him aswell when using the straight to upload feature of youtube. I dont know why but its mega annoying :@
    13. xrobertxdavisx
      lol its only done using screen cap anyway so will link once the music and video uploads correct.
    14. xrobertxdavisx
      i made video responce lol
    15. xrobertxdavisx
      Lol yeh i love it. I had the idea and made it :). I even put seaman poking out the side. Its not my fault southpark got away with it years ago. The 201 episode isnt gettign shown in the uk till it gets even more censored than it already was. they werent even allowed saying muhammad in it since they got threats of being blown up.
      if it brings anger il make a censored one lol!
    16. Dani Evar
      Dani Evar
      I'm on top again---look at the list of stalkers. I've made the rest a handful of ashes. Hmm, but how to distinguish myself even more seriously.
    17. Dani Evar
      Dani Evar
      Stalking you :-)....!!! Horay.
    18. Dani Evar
      Dani Evar
      See? I just stalked you, without maturity and wisdom... ^_^
    19. BruceCM_Aspergic
      It did work, in the end, then? I only use Youtube for free music videos, really.
    20. BruceCM_Aspergic
      Sorry, having problems with Youtube at the moment!
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    Psychology, Computers, Platyhelminthes, Origins of stigma, Sociology, Misanthropy.


    *Notice 01: Sometimes I make elementary spelling mistakes like spelling 'hear' as 'here' and 'there' as 'their'. I actually do know how to spell and the differences between these terms, but due to my spam-like nature generally don't re-read my posts. So yeah. If there's like 10 spelling mistakes in one of my posts, I'm not an idiot, I'm just a lazy douche(I totally just found out what that word means though) :).
    *Notice 02: When I think someone's incorrect on a subject I'll generally correct them. If it seems like I'm arguing with you it's more likely I'm simply debating, or didn't notice that the debate had devolved into an argument. I generally don't hold grudges, and if you think you're one of the rare people I do have a grudge against please PM me and I'll be happy to clarify, but please, DON'T assume it's anything personal. I just find it irritating when people are wrong. :).
    *Notice 03:(Y)=Thumbs up (N)=Thumbs down.
    *Grey(or forum's default forum colour for signatures in the event I'm inactive for ages and it changes) denotes old notices you've most likely read if you read my signature <2 weeks ago.
    *Red denotes new notice or my lack of a damn to update this signature.