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New Blog Entry Comments

  1. vangelis
    I've seen some things. Many things. As a doctor you will have seen things I don't even want to think about, let alone see :D
  2. MysticEmber
    *hugs* I am on this level. I hope your journey continues to get better. I am doing my best to stay optimistic myself. Life is hard and mostly because people just have a difficult time making the time to understand each other. I feel our world is...
  3. LucyPurrs
    Oh Marcus. I read it and feel so bad that you feel this way. Of course you are worth having friends- methinks you must be meeting people who aren't very caring or nice. You are intelligent, and expressive and write very well. Clearly you are also...
  4. LucyPurrs
    You sound like an amazing doctor! Congratulations, but eat, please eat!
  5. LucyPurrs
    Sounds truly incredibly stressful. Too stressful for any mortal being NT or ASD. Why do they do this to doctors? I admire you for keeping up but empathize with the lack of sleep!!!
  6. LooseEnds
    Wow - wonderful! But how did you make that transition??
  7. LooseEnds
  8. LooseEnds
    May the Dark Side be with you! :sunglasses:
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  9. LucyPurrs
    Good letter Sabrina! I'm so sorry you are dealing with this and can relate to some degree. Why does love have to be so damn hard? I don't mind taking the risk to be emotionally intimate but need for the guy to take a risk as well. I hope you can...
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  10. MysticEmber
    I appreciate your writing. I have been in this place where you are at and I am trying my best to get back there. I struggle with Major Depression and some traumatic things happened about 4 years ago that broke me down.. since then I have been...
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  11. MysticEmber
    I hope things get better for you..:fourleaf: I try to really be gentle with myself when the world around me has become so cold/cruel. I try to relax my mind and body by taking a hot shower then getting comfy and wrapping blankets around me then...
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    If you want self-esteem lift heavy weights. You'll calm down, grow some muscle mass and people tend to treat you with more respect.
  13. MysticEmber
    I'm sorry this happened to you... I was with my kids father for over 8 years and he consistently cheated on me with other woman... I have very low self esteem myself... I've been in a relationship now that will be 2 years in April and he tells me...
  14. Dusty gold
  15. Indy79
    Are stories like this a trigger for others who are trying to stop the cycle? I don't mean the story itself but the way it is written and the details.