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New Profile Posts

  1. Jonn
    Hi5, LC. It is all fake. I'm all fake. I'm really a 260lb female truck driver named Drusilla. ;)
  2. QueenOfFrance87
    Trying to be positive about COVID-19, but it's hard when you know your favorite celebrities may die from it.
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  3. LunaticCentruroides
    LunaticCentruroides Jonn
    I just accidently saw your birthday. *cry*
    I didn't want to see your birth date..
    Tell me, is that birthday your real birthday or did you chose a fake one?
  4. Els
    Artwork. Can't manage to be as good as others. Can only do as good as I do.
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  5. KagamineLen
    My past is in my past, long over. Today I can do whatever the hell I want and live however the hell I want to live.
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    2. Aspychata
      The beast is free. Freedom is a state of mind.
      Jul 10, 2020 at 8:30 PM
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  6. Sabrina
    My kids are not with me right now. I miss them a lot.
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  7. Raggamuffin
    Sobriety has brought about some changes in my music tastes.
  8. tree
  9. Jonn
    Jonn LunaticCentruroides
    I can roll over on my back.
    Want to see? Woof!
    1. LunaticCentruroides

      Hold on. Is that your Babydog? <3
      Jul 9, 2020 at 3:37 PM
      Jonn likes this.
    2. Jonn
      No, just a generic internet photo.
      Hi 5, by the way. Woof!
      Jul 9, 2020 at 8:39 PM
  10. QueenOfFrance87
    This job thing is killing me. I just want to drop dead because I can't live with the fact I may have been scammed. :(
    1. Aspychata
      What?? How?? Alright, take deep breaths.
      Jul 8, 2020 at 11:10 AM
    2. QueenOfFrance87
      Told them two days ago I couldn't accept the job, so I basically saved myself.
      Jul 9, 2020 at 7:04 PM
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  11. Ezra
    I just ate an Oregon grape. And a couple of thimbleberries.
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  12. Andrew206
    I’m looking forward to finding a better job and living independently soon. These things will improve my life.
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  13. 100skerls
    Y’all I’m bored as hell. It’s 4 am. What is wrong with me.
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  14. Michael Balog
    Michael Balog Raggamuffin
    Happy Birthday Raggamuffin! Hope you have a great day!
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  15. Andrew206
    Happy 4th Of July!
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  16. Ezra
    Thunder on the Bay Fireworks show cancelled this year :(
  17. Rocco
    Rocco Aeolienne
    Happy Saturday!
  18. Calafar
    Checking things out
  19. oregano
    is wondering if a cloth mask will be enough to defend against walking dead partiers next week spreading covid everywhere
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    2. tree
    3. Judge
      Wear the mask, but Channel Morgan Jones and get yourself a long staff that's pointed on both ends.
      Jul 3, 2020
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    4. oregano
      I think that the staff is illegal in California, sadly. I DO have a tactical knife I carry around in case I run into a crazy dopehead. Dunno if it would work for doubletapping though.
      Jul 3, 2020
  20. QueenOfFrance87