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Recent Blog Entries

  1. I'll go to the university this year. July 3rd 2020 entrance exam.

    Age: almost 24. Education: dropped-out college student. Medicine taking: anti-depressant. Self-awareness: at least 4/10. I'm very kind, gentle, non-toxic. Relationships: not so bad, not so good. Bearable. Eating: fixed. Daily routine: still fixing. Goal: learn excel>c>c++>c#>python>java>javascript. Computer science major. Therapist/psychiatrist: got both. Willing to be alive: 12/10.(more than enough) Hobby: making guides.
  2. Mwah ha ha.....

    Mwah ha ha, the Shadow Knows....(a name generator) Created by treebranch1 Title: Mwah ha ha, the Shadow Knows...(a name generator) Descriptor: For the individual who is involved in or characteristic of mystery, intrigue, or espionage, a combination which when literally translated, the first name means 'cloak' and the surname means 'dagger.' Button: nomen Results: 109,512 Format: first name (cloak word) + last name (dagger word) + generational suffix Was in the works for a couple...
  3. "Silence Unintentional"

    Work in progress. Started this project today. Created as a self-expression of periodic long silences (various and unknown reasons). Unfinished piece. "Silence Unintentional" (c) meian 3/20
  4. Cabin Fever

    Getting sick of being at home all the time. Can't even go to a park. The Muppets pretty much sum up how our household is operating right now.:
  5. Homemade face masks

    You can help out by making these face masks at home and either using them when you go out to stop the spread, or donating them to medical professionals and those with low immune systems. In my house we bought 3 yards of fabric and 5 yards of elastic. We are making dozens of them. Face Mask Pattern - Free Sewing Patter • Craft Passion
  6. Being me coronavirus

    Hey all my way of being is extrovert, hey yeah a diagnosed person who needs people to feel complete ha ha , so plenty much tricky as a way of being, my man aspie introverted and a techi yes tricky right, due to Autism pre coronavirus hard to be together get each others point of view, way of being and difference, he introverted, technical, analytical non expressive, me hyper sensitive, people pleaser, emotive and reactive, plus he is more secure financially and doesn't needs social contacts...
  7. Analyzing my first Corona meltdown

    Yesterday, it's been approximately five and a half months since my last meltdown. Today, it's been zero days since my last meltdown. Several factors have piled up that eventually caused it - and I am a tad bit ashamed to admit that all of them stem from the current global situation. Since I started intensively researching autism, I have come to understand myself significantly better, to the point where I learned to identify, and in consequence, avoid situations or circumstances that could...
  8. Show Me Your Papers

    In a more dystopian mood, I was given 2 sets of letters today from my oncologist. They were instructions to the police to allow me to leave my home and be driven to the doctor. One is for my father's car, and one is for my wallet. I gave my dad his, and he surprised me by showing me a similar letter from my mother's work, giving her permission to leave the house to be driven to work. THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Not some Soviet Bloc Country. My dad, when he saw my...
  9. This rapper is telling the truth about coronavirus

    My friend showed me this video and it's so real. His words cut into my heart because he's saying what everyone else is afraid to. Please watch it and heed his words.