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New Blog Entry Comments

  1. tree
    You might talk with someone about not feeling you can trust people, but then that someone would "know things" about you, and you'd have to trust that person in the first place to discuss the subject..... There are other people who have issues...
  2. tlc
    Hopefully you have gotten somewhere with this. I was like this for years. Always worse when driving, but many times it would be random when I was just sitting. Almost always worse shortly after I ate. Some things that contributed to it: Too...
  3. tree
    This is a new idea to me. Never been in a class where the students reviewed papers without knowing whose it was.
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  4. inkfingers
    Hey, there! I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm 19, but I feel like a 13 or 14 year old. I've always been emotionally and socially immature compared to my peers, and that hasn't changed over the years. The feeling like everyone else is in on...
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  5. Pinkie B
  6. Peter Morrison
    I'm very glad you took action. Even though they are supposed to facilitate IEPs, these people seem to have the proper credentials to be of assistance to you beyond that. Congratulations.
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  7. shysnail
    I couldn't say if it's an ASD thing, since I've been through similar but I also have ASD. But yeah, 16 is so young. You have a lot of time ahead of you to figure stuff out. If you feel like a 12 year old, great! There is literally nothing wrong...
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  8. Peter Morrison
    I agree with tree 100%. Research the psychologists on staff, and ask to speak to the one of your choice. Schools have to work within the confines of law, ethics, and schedules. Be respectful of that. These are the people who are helping...
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  9. Michelle Espinosa
    I understand very well the isolation and especially the periods when I'm incapacitated by ASD or SPD and I feel I shouldn't even be in this world. I so get it. All I can say is that your instincts are good in that you are reaching out. Also, I...
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  10. Michelle Espinosa
    Oh my god, I cannot believe a 16-year-old has to worry about those things! No, you don't have to and yes it's very challenging to navigate the pressure to fit in when 16 (and more), but please please please give yourself a break. If those others...
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  11. Michelle Espinosa
    "Idioglossia" Beautiful!
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  12. tree
    It could be a head start for next year though. Also, if you go now, you won't spend any part of the summer regretting that you didn't check it out.
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  13. Joshua Aaron
    Autsie (Aaht-see): n. A cute/adorable Autistic person. Also used to shorten up Autistic, since the word "Autist" is mostly used online outside of the Autism community as an offensive term.
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