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Your 10 minutes start...

By Raggamuffin · Nov 9, 2021 ·
  1. Now

    Figured I'd end the day with a short blog. Yesterday I didn't have a wake and bake. Got to worry feeling tired and downtrodden. On my lunch break I saw a woman with a dog. It was a very large staffie who was very friendly and let me make a big fuss of him. She said he was 11 years old but he seemed full of energy and moved around well.

    I needed that pet therapy - it really cheered me up. She asked to have a go on the staff, she spoke of having done something similar in the past, but it was evident within a few seconds that she had no idea what she was doing. She seemed pleasant enough though.

    Work was exhausting, I didn't get much done. I made some more Krieghund memes and scheduled a lot of posts for my FB art page yesterday and today. I didn't really feel good at all yesterday. Hard to focus at work, and constantly playing catch up to all the changes management are making. Used to be that I dealt with my customers and workshops myself. Now all sorts of people are getting involved and I feel like I'm in the background. Also with the company constantly changing workshops that we use, I'm really struggling with the new processes, paperwork etc.

    Got home and played PSU and voice chatted with Zak for an hour or so. Got plenty of sleep after an early night.

    Had a wake n bake this morning and my mood and stress levels were noticeably lower when I got to work. 2 people are self isolating at work and they made us all take a lateral flow test. I've never taken any COVID tests as I remain convinced I will never get it. Again - might seem idiotic and implausible. But if that's my belief - then where's the harm? I remain safe, sensible and highly antisocial. So my risk of being a spreader etc. is tiny.

    I took the test as directed and got no result - positive, negative or void. It simply didn't register any result. So that'll be my first and hopefully last test I ever take. Looking at all the components in these tests I despair at the fact hundreds of thousands of these things are used and thrown away every day. Mass production, consumerism, littering and pollution at it's worst.

    If people were genuine about pollution and minimising global warming - no vaccine, no tests or lockdowns. Let the virus tear a new one through the entire world and let a lot of people die. Less people = less pollution. Quite an unpopular opinion to be pro-virus. But I think mother nature is trying it's best to minimise humanities impact on it, and it's just causing us to pollute more as we race for a cure.


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