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Had a wonderful chat with Meg last night. We discussed all sorts, including how things between us seem very real. Meaning there doesn't seem to be any illusion or clouded judgement when it comes to our new found relationship. We've discussed projection before, and how we'd fill in the gaps in previous relationships in the early days - to project what we'd consider an ideal partner/relationship. Yet it had the feeling of being somewhat of an illusion. You take the good with the bad, the rough with the smooth etc.

As mentioned previously, there's a synchronicity with me and Meg. Not only do we share similar beliefs, experiences and interests - but there's also a bond with how we talk and think that is rather uncanny. We said last night that it's wonderful how good our connection is with one another. This is real, and it's special. It's no wonder I'm falling for her. When I listen to her experiences, I realise she's been a similar half in previous relationships that I've been. We also discussed our paranoid thoughts and worries. The themes and ways they take shape etc. This level of communication is really on another level.

I feel that as I got older, I grew a little weary and jaded of relationships. Having had a myriad of unsuccessful relationships, and some which were downright traumatic and emotionally unstable - I guess I hadn't expected anything to come my way, certainly not something as unique and miraculous as this. Especially as I hadn't been looking - in fact, I was intent on staying single. Yet, along came Meg - and we realised as the days turned into weeks, that we were really good for each other, and came along at the right moment in each other's lives. Truthfully, that first day we met I thinkg we could both tell that this was something very special. Whilst initially we were hesitant to pursue anything other than friendship - when we were intimate with each other: I think it sealed the deal to be honest. It's one thing to connect with someone as a friend, with interests and beliefs and sense of humour etc. But how we connect on a physical level is above and beyond what I've felt in previous relationships. Whether it's hugs, kisses or cuddling up - this bond is very strong.

She's on her way back home from her dad's, and later we're going to meet up. I'm looking forward to it - especially after last night's chat, and the fact we haven't seen each other in 3 and a bit days. It'll be nice to cuddle up and chill. Maybe a movie or a show. Perhaps some dreadlock crocheting. The main thing is just some time together - to feel calm, loved and happy.

This morning I tidied my room, did a lot of recycling. Sorted out space for my mounting cards, picture sleeves and frames. Then the bulk buy frames arrived. 3 large boxes and 3 smaller, but heavier boxes. This was 50 A4 frames and 15 A2 frames. I unboxed them all then took the cardboard down to the recycling centre nearby. Got some petrol on the way back home. Also nipped into the local pharmacy and found they had the Durex condoms I'd wanted to buy, but hadn't on Amazon. So that was nice and convenient.

Now I'm going through the pictures and posters Guy wants framing and I'll send him a price list. Once that's done I want to get a few more photos printed and framed. Then there's my friend's commission for the Phantasy Star Online Screenshot that he sent me. I'm tempted to see if I can get some carbon paper - print the screenshot on said paper then I can outline it so it's traced onto the actual sketchbook that I'll be doing the picture in. Main reason is because I'm not good at copying stuff. So if I have the outline - then the major hurdle of the piece is already solved. Might go look up carbon paper now actually. Boom done - bought. Ok, so that sorts out that then. Next?

Well that'll be the end of my coffee break I think. Time to price up this stuff for Guy, then do some printing. Been a productive morning thus far. I'd wanted to get into a habit of doing things this way - up early, get art/business related stuff done so I'm finished up by early afternoon and get the rest of the day to myself. Not to say I would entirely avoid doing art/photography related stuff later in the day. But it's just nice to assign myself a rough schedule to work around.

Ahhh...seeing Meg later. Wunderbah :)



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