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We are always one generation away from communism

By Yeshuasdaughter · Jul 18, 2020 · ·
  1. The Left has been indoctrinated with communist philosophy.

    I have seen many people reject philosophical discussion, and careful weighing of both sides of an issue before coming to a conclusion.

    Rather, they have been brainwashed to shut down any ideas that don't fit in a certain package as an evil against the state and society, and are taught "All people who say X are Y".

    There is no room for personal deliberation, no room for individual experience.

    There is no room for freedom of thought, freedom of speech. Anyone who does not hold 100% consensus is an enemy of the state.

    The individual is being destroyed in favor of the collective.

    Here are a few examples of hyperbole that has brainwashed the Left:

    Example: "All people who disagree with the way we protest are our enemies, and obviously believe the polar opposite that we do".

    Example: "All people who believe in God hate other religions".

    Example: "All republicans are uneducated racists".

    Example: "No justice, no peace". (Holding people emotionally hostage until they break down and comply with their orders 100%.)

    Example: Bullying, shaming, ostracizing, and hurting people is okay, as long as the person believes something different than what the State says is acceptable.

    This is all insanity that has been seen many times before in our world. Every time a Communist dictatorship tries to arise, they take over the media, the schools, the government.

    Everywhere Communism has reared its head, it starts by calling a group of people in the country "enemies of the state".

    Next they revise textbooks, the entertainment media only makes shows that are propaganda for their ideology, the news media publishes false news propaganda,

    Next step: they tear down statues, deface churches, abolish police.

    Final step: The elimination of that group of people that worked to keep the communist party from arising in the first place.

    As long as we are a nation of free patriots, I do not see these above things coming to fruition.

    We must teach our youth to love this country and stand up for freedom of thought and expression. To stand up for others who are different than them, because if one people group's beliefs are suppressed, then later, their beliefs can and will be suppressed by someone else.

    I am an American Patriot and a Christian. I believe that our country has been the greatest force for liberty out of any country in history. We have lifted more people out of poverty and oppression than any nation in history.

    Yes we have our flaws. We never denied that. But we are "A More Perfect Union".

    A Judeo-Christian society does not force people to comply with their beliefs. Rather, each person has the right to conscience.

    Unlike most religions, Christianity and Judaism do not force itself on others. You do not have to be a Christian to live in a Christian society and benefit from its liberties. The Bible is very clear that to follow God is a personal decision, and not all people will make that decision. And they are free to believe with all their heart, whatever it is that they are passionate about.

    In college I was taught that freedom of speech extends until someone gets physically attacked. That's when it becomes hate. Until then, we have to protect and respect each others' right to conscience.

    We have to protect other beliefs and expressions, if we are to have our own beliefs and expressions protected as well.

    Freedom of thought, freedom of speech.

    Loving your neighbor, turning the other cheek.

    These are what I believe.
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  1. Au Naturel
    Yeah well, that has fallen out of fashion in some quarters. Political parties are both more interested in polarization and governing from the smallest plurality that will get them into elected office so they can attempt more extreme policies. Seeking out a broad mandate would force them to become moderate. "Did not vote" is usually the largest vote-getter because there's nobody trying to appeal to the center.

    We're also one generation away from the opposite extreme.