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Wave of disgust and distrust

By Dias · Mar 8, 2019 · ·
  1. For the last couple of days I feel somewhat disgusted at some things I see happening around me. And consequently I feel distrust in people and I just want to crawl back in to myself again and forget the others exist.
    They and what they do is not my problem.
    The emptiness I am feeling is not the world's fault, it is my perception of it that is faulty.
    Because I am down I see all around me as negative.
    Looking into ourselves takes courage. Blaming others is just a form of escapism from looking at the reality.
    Life is made of ups and downs. That is not even a problem!
    I should embrace my downs as much as I enjoy my ups. It is part of me. Don't they say we should love ourselves? Well this means loving our darkness as well as our light.
    After all it is there for a reason, I should ask it what it wants to show me because for sure it wants to tell me something important.
    Humans are amazingly complex.
    A spiritual master from India says that Humans are amazing but the problem is that we don't come with instruction manual, or we do come but we don't bother reading it carefully.


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  1. Emily Canafax
    Thank you for writing this where people can see it. I don't understand why people can't see how we need to love the worst of things to love the good. It is so hard to pull out of the negativity you're speaking about, and it revisits me regularly. Remember, as we all complicate everything, there is a simple answer: it really is all the small stuff. Maybe. I think. I'm pretty sure...
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  2. Peter Morrison
    You are not wrong to question, and you seem to be seeking the same enlightenment that humans have wanted for aeons. It's like trying to guess what is inside a box, but you can never open it. Humans possess some horrid characteristics, so the goodness we see shines and offers us hope for something better. Better never comes. We don't have the power to change what we see as hurtful, painful, and damaging. We can only offer some amount of comfort that will diminish with time or death, both of which control us all.

    It's difficult to have faith when you see a never-ending stream of mean-spirited actions and selfish motivation. I see life as one stepping stone in our existence, so I manage to avoid lasting thoughts of disdain for the evil I witness. No two people have the same life experience, so each must manage to find their place among the chaos of human behavior. I vote for goodness, even though it is seldom appreciated and often times abused. We are a blip on a radar screen, never to be seen again. If I spend my time focused on the vast amounts of devastation, I won't give attention to the small amount of good I can bring.
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