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Trust me, I'm a doctor (Blog name change imminent)

Not the Doctor, but a doctor for sure. Which is to say, I've succesfully made it to the finish line, I am no longer a student, I will be receiving my medical license soon and I've been hired by a local hospital, where I'll be starting my first real job as a doctor pretty soon. My last entries have been few and far between, as I took a little break from online life to focus on that last stretch. But now, I'm done. I passed with great grades, and one of my best compliments throughout these last 8 months is that I have consistently been rated as exceptional (the highest grade possible) with regards to my social skills. So take that, people who think all Aspies suck at social interaction.

When I started this blog I meant to use it to process everything that happened to me on my journey. I never once thought about what would happen to the blog once I finished my studies, as I was a bit scared to think that far ahead. Didn't want to jinx anything, so to say. Now that I've reached that finish line, I'm left wondering. I know I will not stop writing about my experiences, as I'm a writer at heart. However, I have quite a few outlets for these experiences and I'm wondering how much is too much. I keep a personal journal these days. I message some of you regularly (although not often enough, sorry guys! I will totally try harder). I write for a medical magazine. I am also doing a lot better socially these days, which means I process a lot of my feelings with friends IRL, instead of online. So some days I wonder how much this blog adds, except from keeping you guys on AC updated on my professional (and somewhat personal) life.

By no means do I wish to say that I no longer care for these forums now that my offline life is doing better. I needed to take a break from this place, but I still think AC has been invaluable to me during this year. So my question going forward, is whether I will continue this blog in its current form. I would love to be able to offer encouragement to people, I'd love to discuss my personal triumphs and failures with those that care to read about it. Provided people do care to read what I have to write, that is ;) For now I will change the name of my blog, since I am no longer in med school. And I will continue my blog for now. Whether I will continue to write in this place wholly depends on how much I enjoy doing so, and whether I feel anyone is reading it. So no pressure there ;) For now I will enjoy my holiday, more updates will be around in 6 weeks or so, when my next job starts. Unless I have something interesting to share in the meantime.


Oh, but I like reading your blog!
Congratulations on the achievements, I'm raising a big bowl of potato chips to that ;)
Congrats, and I undertand :) I just started a blog here, not to add to any kind of written content of value, but just to help process things as I try to manage a new job.

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