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Top 5 Favorite Psychedelic Furs Songs

After doing a top favorite albums list from the Psychedelic Furs I had been wanting to do a top favorite songs list. I thought of doing a top 10 or top 20 but they would be really hard to do, so I thought of only doing a top 5 list.

Don't worry, I'm not choosing the ones that are more popular and more critically acclaimed. What bothers me on top albums and songs lists is that the writers always pick the songs/albums that are well-known and really popular. They don't pick the albums that didn't do well commercially but are underrated masterpieces, and songs that didn't do well in the charts or songs that aren't singles. Always the popular hits.

Before I start the list I want to talk about some stuff.

Recently The Psychedelic Furs finished their tour and it made me kind of sad. Sad that the fun is over. But I'm really excited about what they will bring for 2018. Touring again, and maybe hopefully releasing their new album.

They did two tours this year, at least, to me they did. The first one is just the usual and started in April and ended in August, performing in North America, Latin America, France, and Portugal. The second one is called The Singles Tour, and through September and October they brought The Singles Tour to Ireland (they performed there late August), England and Scotland (their first UK shows in five years), and North America. I feel that The Singles Tour was their 40th anniversary tour, because they formed 40 years ago. I really wish I saw them on The Singles Tour but I'm very thankful I got to see them for the third time on their first tour this year.

Anyway, here's my top 5 favorite Psychedelic Furs songs!

5. Midnight To Midnight (From the album Midnight To Midnight (1987))

The title track. I was torn between this song and "Love My Way" but after hearing "Midnight To Midnight" while doing dishes last night, this song's the winner. It's such a fantastic song, I love it. An epic rocker but there is a beauty to it, and vocalist Richard Butler's vocals are just wonderful, romantic. It would be so great if The Psychedelic Furs performed that song again. I would love to hear it live.

4. Highwire Days (From the album Mirror Moves (1984))

The last song on Mirror Moves. "Highwire Days" is one of the most greatest songs ever written, and it's such a beautiful work of art. Former guitarist John Ashton said that writing the music for this song is one of his proudest achievements. I heard this song live two times and it was really amazing.

3. I Don't Want To Be Your Shadow (Non-album b-side; recorded during the Forever Now sessions, 1982.)

This song was the b-side of the singles "Danger" (UK) and "Love My Way" (US). "I Don't Want To Be Your Shadow" is such a perfect pop gem, and I really, really wish it was on Forever Now! Thankfully I have the 2002 remaster of that album, and "I Don't Want To Be Your Shadow is included as a bonus track.

2. Shine (From the album Book Of Days (1989))

"Shine" is the first track on Book Of Days. I really love this song, and as I mentioned before, whenever I would listen to Book Of Days I play "Shine" again after finishing the album. It's such a beautiful song, has lovely music and lyrics, and a wonderful performance by Richard Butler.

And my number one is........................................

1. Run And Run (From the album Forever Now (1982))

"Run And Run" was released as a single in the US but it didn't chart, which that's a big shame. It's such a great song, and my favorite part is the choruses. The choruses are just freaking amazing. The Psychedelic Furs played this song on The Singles Tour and I really, really want to hear it live! I'm jealous of the people who got to hear "Run And Run."

That is my list and if you are curious about these songs go and find them on YouTube and give them a listen! I recommend it and you will definitely enjoy them!

Before I conclude this article, in my list of Psychedelic Furs songs I've heard live that I wrote I actually forgot to put another song! The song's called "Believe" and it's from Love Spit Love. Love Spit Love was a band that Richard Butler and his brother and Furs bassist Tim formed and released two albums in the '90s. I mean, even though it's not really a Psychedelic Furs song, it's still a song from Richard Butler. When The Furs performed "Believe" Richard used a megaphone. I would love to get Love Spit Love's albums and Richard's first solo album that he released in 2006 someday. I need more of Richard Butler!

"India, you're my love song..."


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