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Told the new HR Manager about my conditions

By Raggamuffin · Sep 23, 2021 ·
  1. Tuesday was another smoke free day. After work I met with Henry who lives in March. He works at a Category A prison in March. I find his job fascinating and usually we spend the whole time chatting about it. He's got a week off due to being assaulted by one of the prisoners. We went to his house share for a bit and then got dinner. The restaurant was very busy but I didn't mind as it meant we were there chatting for a few hours.

    Yesterday I got rear ended on the way to work. Thankfully it caused no damage as we were waiting at a junction to join another road. Not sure how the other person didn't see me, but we all have close calls now and then. I met up with Jack last night and had a smoke. I'd planned to do weekend and holidays only. But it is what it is. The smoke set my neck pain off a bit. I'd managed to pull my neck after the incident in the car. Once I'd checked for damage I got back in my car and sort of rushed myself checking for traffic to join the road and pulled my neck.

    Tonight I'm seeing Sanjay and showing him my portfolio. Having a catch up etc and hopefully getting some ideas on networking and what to do next.

    I took my phone out on Tue/Wed lunch breaks and took photos. That 108 MP sensor is very impressive. You can take a photo and when you're on the computer you can zoom and zoom and the detail and clarity is rather astounding.

    Asked Jack if he's free Friday morning to do a McDonald's breakfast. Possibly the worst way to start your day. But why not eh? 4 day weekend is almost here.

    Work has been fairly quiet. I told the HR manager yesterday about my ADHD diagnosis and waiting for the Autism one. Also about my anxiety and depression. I'd wanted to for a quite a while but I felt compelled to after we were all made to sign a new health & safety document and one of the points stated:

    “Any employee suffering from any condition that may affect his / her health and safety during the performance of any task required of him by the Company shall report such condition immediately.”

    He thanked me for sending the email and scheduled a meeting next Tuesday to discuss how the company might be able to assist me. I guess I should ponder any requests. Not that I really feel I have any additional requirements.

    I want to do some cycling on the weekend. Staffing too. The weather has been very sunny recently and I'd avoided staffing on my lunchbreak as I don't want to get sunburn.

    Carolyn was in for Monday then off sick Tuesday. When I spoke to her on the phone yesterday she sounded like she was at death's door again. Not sure why someone who has had long COVID and still shows symptoms is allowed in. I guess it's not contagious, but it's not pleasant having someone at work who's coughing and spluttering less than 2 metres from where I'm sat.

    I'd shared what my mum ranted to me about and they all said she was out of order. It's made me want to leave ASAP if I'm being honest. She'd brought up random moments from many years ago which I don't recall. Clearly they upset her because she dragged them up and was chastising me for them.

    Told the solicitor on Tuesday that we want to exchange contracts and get a closing date this month. I'll chase them again today or tomorrow. He said all the buyer needs to do is sign a document with regards to the mortgage and send it back. Then we'd be good to discuss dates.

    Quite a social this week and last weekend. I wonder if it'll continue into my 4 day weekend or if I'll want some down time.


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