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Thoughts on all the changing

By PastelPetals · Jun 16, 2021 · ·
  1. Oh everything ends it seems
    I guess I should have known
    I have seen the bread I forgot in the back of the fridge mold
    I have seen leaving falling from trees return to the dirt
    People I have known have died
    But things are ending while i'm still alive
    My heart still beats and yet things are stopping
    I wake everyday to see my life decomposing
    I am not like bread or a leaf
    I am like a rock slowly eroding while the landscape around it quickly changes
    I am like a single drop of water being consumed,reused, evaporated, and then once again cast down towards earth
    I know the bread became food in another way
    I know the leaves added nutrients to the dirt
    I know the rock has been a seat, a table, a stepping stone for many
    I know that water drop has gone on millions of adventures
    I know it's transformation not death
    So why do I feel like i'm dying?
    Why do I feel like change takes me with it whisking me up like a tornado and dropping my body when it is done with me?
    I feel like I am wasting away when I am simply walking in another direction
    I will miss my tree
    I will miss my lake
    Who knows if I will like being part of the ocean
    Or compost
    I know I should just let go
    But i'm not ready
    Please let me hold on
    For just
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  1. Pebble
    This is beautiful.
    1. PastelPetals
      Thank you!!
  2. Giant Hogweed
    I am a poet. I like your writing.
      PastelPetals likes this.
    1. PastelPetals