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The physical process of developing a generator

By tree · Apr 13, 2019 ·
  1. Here is a running account of the process of posting a random generator idea that
    I have been working on. I don't trust doing all the work in the work area of the site,
    since the place has issues and frequently there are problems.
    I work on material in my mail drafts. That way it's saved.

    A couple years ago I had over 400 drafts.
    Currently I have 54. My goal for this year is to maintain no
    more than 50 at a time.
    OK. I go to the draft on the subject matter I want to finish and post.

    After copying a list of 400 words,
    I wanted to make a note elsewhere in the draft.

    dumb thing won't let me click anywhere.
    can't get away from this box.
    want to write above or below it.
    but no. this {deleted word}

    So I pasted the list into a work area on generatorland, and
    removed all the punctuation from the list.

    And it's a good thing I have this punctuated list copied, because when I clicked to run it through.
    ha ha. CSFR verfication failed. All material gone. Have to log in again.

    OK. I will copy the list and try to run it through this time.
    Assuming the site will respond.

    It ran through.
    So I have that list ready to use in a slot on the site.

    I save it onto a draft, because there is no guarantee that the site won't bork
    next time I enter my material. [bork, as in...after I enter material, and click to
    preview how it runs, the site may revert to a blank work area instead.]

    But, this time it did run.
    OK. So there's some first names.
    Now, I have cobbled together a batch of last names, to try running through...
    They are from a variety of lists that I have accumulated myself, raning
    from the most common American surnames, to some ethnic sources.
    Japanese, Amish, Jewish, Polish, Scandinavian, French...etc.

    Click to run.

    Probably be a punctuation error.
    I will look over the list here, not in the work slot.
    Because it's less dangerous here in a draft.

    Oh, right.
    Copy from the top down, because the mouse scroll thing doesn't work GOING UP.
    Any more. Just down.

    To scroll up, I have to drag the bar.
    And that can get painful and annoying.
    Painful because of the trigger thumb thing.
    And annoying because of how many times the cursor (under my operation, I admit) may
    slip off and return me to where I was to begin with.
    [Yes, I know this means I need a new mouse, apparently.
    And a few more months exercise/time, for the tendon injury to heal.]
    OK...so I am going to copy this list of last names.....
    {deleted word}

    Highlight went away, after I clicked to copy.

    So, back to the top to highlight again.


    OK...wonder of wonders.
    Material is still in work area.

    Clear second slot.
    Slap in these last names.
    See if it will run.
    OK , I have corrected.
    One comma was missing.

    Copy and try running that.

    Yes. It does.

    Copy list, in the compact way it is after running through,to save in draft.
    Change one last name and add another name.
    I should count how many surnames I have.
    And add some more.
    But, in fact, pleased that the site is running/function...
    I just now posted the thing, without counting or adding more.

    I will count later.


    Sent the link to my friend.
    A little while later..

    Counted all the surnames.
    I added another hundred last names.
    And some more 'after words.'

    Number of combinations possible = 275,520,000


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