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The perfect end to a very special week

After Meg went home I took a shower and got freshened up as we were going to meet that evening and drive out to the fens in her van. I wanted to show her a remote spot where I like to have a smoke and watch the sunset. It's down a skinny, single track farm drove, and as the road takes a corner there's a junction, with a muddy track used by farmers to access fields. This spot seems to be used now and then by dog walkers as well as people who chill out in their cars for a bit to either admire the view, or smoke weed - as I've smelt it a fair bit when I've cycled past cars parked there.

When I met her on the school road near our house, we set off to the Fens. I could sense there was a bit of an atmosphere, but not a positive one. When we parked up and took her dog Lucky for a walk, I asked if she was feeling ok. She told me that she was tired, and that makes her go rather introvert and quiet. I get it though - she suspects she might be somewhere on the spectrum, and says her mum is currently reading and researching about autism as well, as she suspects she might be autistic too.

We walked down the muddy farm track towards the river. With all this hot weather recently, the normal muddy path was covered in plants and vegitation. She pointed out numerous plants and told me their uses and properties. It's lovely to hear, and I've called her a faunt of knowledge several times since knowing her.

Once we got to the river, we walked along the raised embankment, and found a spot to sit which was surrounded by long grass and wild flowers. The weather was cool as we were approaching sunset, and it was wonderfully cool compared to earlier in the day. A couple of times we saw a Heron, which was lovely to see.

Meg told me she was worried - because we got on so well in such a short space of time. The crux of the matter is that she didn't want to hurt me. So we talked, and we talked. Similar to when we sat on the swinging seat at my parents - we were fully open about our thoughts, feelings and hopes. I've never had this degree of openness with anyone before, and we both said this was a great feeling.

In the end, we came to the conclusion we had done at my parents - let's enjoy this for what it is. We get on so well that I see no risk of not talking and being friends after she moves away. We tried to think of examples of breakups or when ex's had refused to talk to us, but this feels different. It is different - because we've been so upfront and honest with one another before anything happened.

Sure, this probably will only be for a few weeks, but from the first time I met her last Tuesday, up until today (Monday afternoon) I've had one of the most memorable weeks in my life. She's inspired me and opened my eyes to all sorts of possibilities. We both agreed that people and situations come along in life when they're needed.

It was nice to see the doubt turned on it's head. In fact, it was rather lovely that we both had the same fears. I worried at my parents, and told her I didn't want to potentially spoil what we had, and then she echoed the same sentiment a few hours later when we sat by the river.

In the end, she looked at me and said "should we have a lovely evening then?" To which I said yes, and a big smile lit up her face. Her smile and warmth really is on another level.

We walked back to her van, got her sofa bed laid out into a bed and cuddled up to watch a few shows and a movie. The movie we watched was an independent movie called "The History of Future Folk". We were browsing Netflix and watched the trailer and it seemed right. I'm so glad we watched it, as it was a strange, quirky and wonderful film.

After the film and a few episodes of comedy shows, we cuddled up and one thing led to another. As this is a PG-13 forum, I'll just surmise by saying that our synchronicity went beyond friendship, humour and beliefs. We connected on a physical level that left both of us rather astounded. At one point she needed a breather and beckoned me outside. We stood naked, hugging and looking up at the stars. Then a shooting star passed overhead.

Unfortunately my epididymitis wasn't best pleased with said love-making, and that pestered me throughout the early hours of this morning and only calmed down a few hours ago. At times it was rather debilitating.

Just before we went to bed, I noticed and pointed out that the sunrise colours were appearing on the horizon.

Try as I might, I couldn't sleep. I think I drifted off for about 30-45 minutes after a long time trying. We got woken up by a few farm vehicles driving by at stupid o'clock in the morning. As the sun rose, it was starting to get uncomfortably warm. We drove the van to mine so I could drop off my car keys to the mechanic who lives opposite my parents, so he could take a look at the ABS fault that had occurred when driving to London.

We then drove to the next hamlet and took her dog for a walk. It was around 9 and the sun and heat were really stifling. As we headed back I suggested we go to my house. We could shower, and have a nap in my room with a fan on.

This really felt like a good call. We both had a shower, watched an episode of this new comedy show that she introduced me to, and then one thing led to another. Afterwards, we cuddled up and had a lovely nap. Well, it was more like a sleep I think as it was about 4 hours long. Her dog slept with us at the foot of the bed.

Once we were awake, we decided we'd go back to hers and grab a bite to eat. The temperature outside was rather intense at this point. She made instant noodles but added some fresh corriander, sliced tomato and some sort of beautiful flower that's used as seasoning.

I told her to let me know when she'd be free next, as we both agreed whilst the past few days have been wonderful, we don't want to burn out from too much of a good thing. I got my stuff from her van and walked back to mine. That was about 40 mins ago now.

Thankfully my epididy has calmed down, and after our meal, and drinking 3 pints of water, I started to feel a bit like my old self. The past week I've yo-yo'd between dizziness, to feeling hungry, but struggling to eat as almost every mouthful of food was making me feel queasy.

Mind you, I think that our friendship moving into a more intimate side has helped put my anxieties at rest.

So there we have it. What a week. We're planning to take my parents 2 seater convertible Mercedes down to the beach this week. She asked me if I've ever slept on a beach - which I hadn't. She's introducing me to so many new things. I'm excited.



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