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The outkast

Ive always been without many friends,
and never quite known why.
i would meet new friends and then lose them again,
i started wondering if it was normal too only have friends for a week or two.

ive always loved school, loved to learn new things
but some things took alot longer for me to learn then the others so i
was marked as the slow kid or the dumb kid by the others.
but in some things i was a genius, i knew everything about a single topic,
things that i cared for.

And the other kids thought i was a wise guy and starting bulling me for it,
and i took it all, it would take allot to make me mad, but when i first got mad it was a rage
i still fear today. when i got a little older it was a bit easier to make and keep friends,
i still didnt know why i was so different but i could keep up with the other kids more, i learned to controll whatever this was.

so all the way trough middle and high school i learned to work around the problems,
well almost all of them anyway. in high school i was the geek and had many geek friends,
i had a nak for dancing so i started break dancing, we had a no to drugs teen after school club where me and some others danced and had dance lessons.

for tree years it was kinda slow i graduated middle of the class and made some friends i still have today.
then came the universety days. this i where my problem grew in to a big problem for me,
i was going to be an offshore electric engeneer, but the math was a huge problem it just didnt wanna stick.
but i pulled trough thanks to some help from a weary good teacher.

i just passed graduation, and off in to the world i went, looking for a job, in norway the education is wery long so was 18 at this point, starting high school at 14-15. i got a job just after i turned 18 at a electro mechanical firm, that makes electric motors for offshore oil rigs, and they are the biggest in the world.
i worked there for about 6 months, as an intern, but didnt get a job.
so i brushed my self of and looked for another job,
but i never did, not a job that wanted me that is, and i didnt know what the problem was, it had to be me, that i was sure of, but why.
after 8-9 jobs i was almost 20, and never had a job for more than 6 months, i gave up.

thats when my mom wanted to have me testet, i was tested once before when i was 16 by a nevro..something
and he said a had NVL Non Verbal Learning dissorder, means that i learn much slower to anything written.
so me and my mom went and had me tested, and i turned out i had Asberger Syndrome.
i didnt know what this was so i started reading and got allot of things answer.
so my life began to turn a little.

ive spent the last 3 years coping with this new info, and trying to learn how to get on with my life as any other. its allot easyer now that i know what it is and how to deal with it.
i function now better than most other people, becous my brain works in another way than theirs, in many ways better i think.

but people dont quite know what asberger is so we get often dismissed as a retard or something like that,
but thats what we do, we judge before we understand, so i feel its up to me to educate them on the subject.
and its working.
i had my IQ tested, and it turns out i could be in mensa:H

so ive learned the just becous you have Asberger or some other form of autism, dont think your any less worth or smart than anybody else. if anything most likely smarter and a better person then the ones that picked on you.


I could relate to much of your story. I haven't gotten a diagnosis, but I have just recently figured out I have aspergers. I'm 42 and just beginning to see how much this has shaped my whole life. Like you I have a very high intelligence level, but I have always felt like I have not been able to really use it. It's good to hear you have been diagnosed fairly early in life. I also read your other post, I really liked it. You have a good ability to put into words many of the things I feel. Thank you. Don't worry about your English, as a native speaker I often butcher it myself.
Im glad you could relate to my story, it is nice to know that there is others out there who knows how it is.
i hope you get a diagnosis soon, everything gets a little better when you can sit down and say that you got asberger or something else. makes it a little easier to explain i think.
thank you for your nice comment,
my dyslexia butchers everything hehe :):p

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