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The Island

By Misery · Dec 18, 2019 · ·
  1. Okay, meant to do this earlier, forgot. But anyway, it's time I talk about the island a bit, as I've gotten numerous questions about it. But first, let me grace you with this amazing picture:


    This fluffy ball of absolute perfection is my dog, Cooper. I often call him Fuzzball. Here he is, in his first time encountering the ocean. I dont have pictures of it, but we were at a spot just off the causeway here. There are certain areas on the island that simply dont have waves at all most of the time, and this is one of those places. And the water near the causeway is super shallow at all points, so it was perfect for him to wade into. The normal beaches generally dont allow dogs, so this was the best way. Besides, he'd try to eat the sand if he had the chance, so that works out.


    Huh? White box in the corner? You're hallucinating that. Clearly I didnt just badly edit out the fact that my finger was in the way of the lens. Anyway, this is the view from the driveway of the house. It's a single road that curves around sharply, with a number of similar looking houses on either side. It's one of those places where a council of old people rules with an iron fist and yell at each other about lightbulbs that are "too yellow". Like the entire island, it is a sleepy place.


    This is the beach near the house. It's about a 2 minute walk. So, super close. Do you like walking on a zillion broken, jagged shells? Because you can totally do that here. My feet are basically just one big callus at this point so I just stomp all over them.


    A different beach. This is my favorite one. And yeah, I always walk through the water like this. Call it a stim, but I never just walk on the sand.


    And here we have a nature preserve. This particular section of this one is only recently opened, which explains the weird trees. I am told that the path there is made of tires and shoes (???) The place is every bit as enormous as it looks. That line of trees far in the back on the right side? It continues past there via various paths.


    The other side of the preserve. Standing on some sort of tower here, there's a few of them.


    And here we have a.... thing. Whole different preserve filled with alot of historical stuff. Something about invaders and other stuff.


    A big pier, mostly involving fishing. There's a shopping complex back in the other direction, it's quite the unique place. You can see the blue drawbridge off in the distance there. That bridge is the ONE and only way off the island. Onto another island. Better get used to bridges if you come here. Better also be used to the ONE freaking road that goes down the length of the island. Which is almost entirely filled with really old people driving. Seriously, the island isnt wide enough to fit another major road, so.... just one. I tell ya, that part gets old fast.


    I couldnt seem to get inside of this. Wanna know what it is? So do I.


    Ah, one of the great mysteries of the island. No, not the path. I mean that... "house"... on the right. I wish I'd taken a more direct photo of it. I've been to alot of places and seen lots of odd structures, but there's nothing quite like... whatever that is. There is no entrance onto that lot at all. No road, no driveway, no gate. Nothing. Believe me, I've looked. There is no garage, just an odd blank zone under the thing, but how could anything get there? What's more, other than the house, the entire lot is grass. The whole thing. I know that doesnt sound particularly special, but this is unique. Pretty much every house ever that has grass also has things that ARENT grass. But this? Just. Grass. Again, no driveway. No road. No rocks, no gardens... and see that weird ramp winding down the side? There's just grass at the bottom. Think about that: It doesnt lead down to like a gravel path like you'd see ANYWHERE ELSE. Just blank grass. Next month when I'm back down there I'll try to get a direct, clear photo of the place. Also, it's gigantic... as are many houses here. There are mansions littered around the island. But even a small house can get crazy expensive, if it's on the beach. Again, VERY small island and very quiet. People will pay big money for something like that and it's hard to come by.

    And that's enough for now, I think. Next month I'll do another post, I think. Aside from whatever that building is, I'll maybe show off our house. It's the direct opposite of the bloated mass I'm currently sitting in. Quite a small place, very... vertical. Wanna spend 80% of the day walking up and down stairs until your very sanity cracks? That's the place to go, then.
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  1. SusanLR
    The north tip of Anna Maria is beautiful.
    I've walked far out in the clear sandy water and snorkeled.
    Come across the Skyway and the sand becomes gritty with rougher waters.
    Fort Desoto for example.
  2. Aspychata
    Yes. I am familiar with that side of the Florida coast. Just so peaceful. I need to plan a day trip there. ☺
  3. SusanLR
    Haven't been there in a while, but, it looks like Longboat Key or one in that area.
    I've been here so long I remember when there was literally nothing there.
    We saw our first Indigo snake there. Looked like a tree trunk laying across the road.
    I love those sandy shallow water beaches too. :)
    1. Misery
      It's actually Anna Maria Island, and I realized only just now all this time later that I talked all about it and never actually put the name in here.
      SusanLR likes this.
  4. Aspychata
    Just beautiful. I felt l took a mini vacation. Thank you. And that happy fur ball with a giant smile.
  5. LucyPurrs
    Is this somewhere in florida? or Georgia?
    1. Misery
      Right off the coast of Florida, on the Gulf side.
      LucyPurrs likes this.