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The grass may always look greener, but I bet sometimes it is

By Daniel · Mar 6, 2013 · ·
  1. I'd love to have a more Aspie-friendly job. I know it's not an Aspie thing to envy those who get to do something they love for a living, but I definitely feel that envy when I hear about certain other jobs. I think back on the alternate career paths I wanted to explore, but decided against them because I thought I could/should be like other people, and I kick myself a bit.

    I recently remembered (I had repressed this one, apparently) how when it was time for me to go to secondary school (I took a couple of years off after high school), the prevailing wisdom was not to pursue a career in computers, because the dot-com bubble-burst of the early 2000s had led to a glut of unemployed computer engineers. I even ran into a childhood friend who was doing his Master's because he couldn't get a job after getting his undergrad degree. That seems freaking insane now.

    I'm sure there's an element of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence, but I read stuff about all the Aspies working in Silicon Valley, and I think of how much I've enjoyed using computers (since I was three years old) and I feel like I missed the boat.

    Now I know not to try to pick a career so I can succeed in the neurotypical world. Succeeding as an Aspie is much more important to me now.


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  1. Daniel
    Okay, wow... Four months after I wrote this, I got a new and much, much better job. I have more responsibility, I love the challenge involved, and the new company is a great place to work. And I get to work from home half the time now, which is awesome.

    In this case--the grass was greener! But it wasn't a different path that was greener--it was the next step! My education and experience are coming in handy for this new position, which should be a fairly long-term engagement. So it all worked out pretty darn well!

    I am blessed and very fortunate. To those of you dealing with unsatisfying, draining, toxic, or otherwise difficult employment situations--you are in my prayers.