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Staying sober on weekdays

  1. 4 day weekend is on the horizon. Yesterday was my first weed free day since I started again. Figured I should attempt smoking on the weekends only again. It'd be good to save money and use less weed. Of course, even when I only smoked on weekends, I made exceptions for when I booked holiday off work. A 4 day weekend will probably leave me feeling a little fried, so I should try and keep busy in order to avoid smoking too much. In truth, last weekend felt a little too busy for my liking. Admittedly most of the happenings was on Saturday, but I'm so used to spending most of my time on my own - that chatting with my dad for 2 hours, Jack for 3 and his brother for 2 really wiped me out (as much as I enjoyed it).

    I was very tired throughout the day but when I got home I stayed up until 22:30. On the way home I drove to Ely and picked up my new phone. The phone case arrived at my parents too, so the timing was nothing short of perfect. My plan is to have it all paid off in 3 months. It was bought on 6 months "buy now pay later" but I always hammer out any debts I have for tech purchases. I really like the case I got, even though it's probably seen as effeminate.


    I trialled one photo at home, of the crochet rug I sit on when using the computer. The clarity when zooming into a 108 megapixel photo is insane. This really will be a cracking phone camera for macro photos. I'll be going out on lunch to take some snaps.

    Had a little trouble getting to sleep last night. Nothing major, perhaps 15 mins or so. I noticed I felt a lot more awake than I usually did after a smoke. This is quite odd, because weed always used to keep me up. My mind would race etc. Truth be told if I had a smoke and then went straight to bed, I wouldn't be able to sleep. But a smoke 3 hours before bed seemed to cause an increase in fatigue and drowsiness as the evening went on.

    We got an email last night from the estate agent to say the mortgage offer has been confirmed. Just waiting on the solicitor now. I emailed him this morning as I'm not leaving anything to chance with this guy. He delayed the whole process by nearly 2 months by waiting and never thinking to contact us.

    Carolyn was back in the office yesterday after over a month working from home after she caught COVID. She came in, coughing and spluttering everywhere - not covering her mouth at all. Today she phoned in sick. I don't understand how that is acceptable behaviour. It was particularly annoying as I sit right next to her. They moved the whole office around again to create new COVID restrictions and distancing etc, but she's sat within 2 metres of me. Oh well, what's done is done.

    I decided to have a lie in today. Instead of waking up at 5 or 6, I went back to sleep until 7. Traffic was fine on the way in. The only issue I've encountered recently is getting stuck behind tractors. Then again, this is the countryside. Sometimes if the oncoming lane is busy, you can be stuck behind a 30 mph tractor for over 20 minutes. Thankfully today I was able to overtake within 10 minutes.

    Last week my car topped out at 59.7 MPG which is really good for a petrol car. It can't beat my old Suzuki Celerio which remains the most economical petrol car ever made and can go over 70 MPG. I'm racking up big miles in my car though; over 1200 a month. Then again, in a week or 2 I should have the house sale money and I'm going to look for a place ASAP. I know a flat won't be perfect, but I can make it work and if I find one of the cheaper places then it's not too bad.

    Sure, the most affordable places are about an hours drive from my folks and my friends from the villages. But I can make the effort to see them, as I have been doing recently. And yes, I won't know anyone in the city. Perhaps it'll affect my mental health in a negative way. Perhaps it'll encourage me to push even further with my socialising. Living with my folks is proving I need my own place now more than ever.

    There is one house for sale in my budget, well - 2. But one is needing the whole house redoing, but it's a detached bungalow in March. That's beyond me though - the whole thing is an absolute mess. It needs all the walls insulating and plastering. The ceilings doing, all new floors, carpets, kitchen. Probably electric etc etc. Way too big a project for me. The second is in a village 15 mins from my parents and is a 1 bedroom end of terrace. That place doesn't need much doing, so I might take a gander. Mind you it's 100k which is the upper end of my budget. Whereas this nice 1 bed flat I saw in Peterborough (city where I work) is 65k.

    I'd rather go freehold than leasehold. As such, if I can get a house rather than a flat - I'd feel happier and more secure I guess. Plus it's one less thing to have to pay for. With a flat you pay ground rent, maintenance fees and would have to extend the lease at some point. With a house - whilst the initial mortgage would be more expensive, with my plan for overpayments etc. every new mortgage I get every 2-3 years after a fixed term ends, I will be paying a lot less. Then, once it's paid off entirely, there's no ground rent or maintenance fees to pay. All I'd have to pay each month is council tax and utilities. Plus house prices go up quicker than flats, so when it comes to remortgaging or selling the property, that works in my favour too.

    Need to focus some positive thoughts, beliefs and energy into finding a place - otherwise I'll struggle to find something that is right for me.

    Pondered growing tweed. Risky though, especially if living in an apartment. Not to say people don't do such things. In UK I think 9 plants is the limit before you're considered doing it for dealing etc. I only want 1. One plant's crop would last me a couple of years. Seems a little silly not to try eh? Done a bit of research. Spoken with people who have grown or know people who do. It's something to ponder at least.

    First things first - continue with staying sober on weekdays. Clear head etc. Sure I might stress more at work. But it saves me money.


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