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Reflections of Dog(s)


Reflection of Dog(s)

I saw the last day
of wooled giants
the rise and flow
of the jeweled Nile
as cut stone temples
bloomed in the sand

When the Nile parted
I watched a passage
blown open as man
woman and child
stood and waited
for a path of mud

At Qadesh I saw
when the chariots
with their archers
rolled onto the plain
as man and beast
alike, flailed, fell
and slowly died

When those shofar
of a chosen people
sang a song on high
I saw the fabled walls
of unbreached Jericho
tremble before my eyes

And that shepherd boy
foolishly brave, stood
against the champion
of the Philistine tribe
a tower of a man
like the old citadel
at peerless Babylon
was felled by a stone

And from the gardens
that ancient wonder
I heard the stories
of a sacking of a city
once ruled by that boy
who challenged a giant

For here in the gardens
these terraces of green
there is one who knows
the name I did not say
for he, too is of my tribe
unseen by common eyes

It is he who writes this
these stories in mud
as the Gates of Ishtar
shiver as Jericho did
for the Immortals come
with Cyrus at the helm

Immortals they say...
yet they do not know
of the eyes watching
these brief chapters
of fragile mortal lives

For who takes heed
of an Ibis in the mud
of the Nile's sedges
or the furtive Jackal
in search of a drink.


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