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parenting and burnout

My son excels at imaginative play, of all things. (He hasn't been officially diagnosed, but I suspect he is neurotypical.) I love him dearly, but he is mentally exhausting. His sort of play is utter chaos and requires getting ALL HIS TOYS spread ALL OVER THE HOUSE. I don't mean a pretty magazine picture or television show scene of a "messy house" with a handful of trucks and stuffed animals tossed around artfully. I mean his room, the living room, the hallway between them is a veritable minefield of scattered building blocks, train tracks, pretend food, foam letter pads, and a million other things. Walk through the house at your own risk. Why can't he just line up his toys in neat order, like I did when I was a kid?

I've just given up. I can't deal with it. I pick up one box of stuff, turn my back, and something else has been dumped out. There's no benefit to cleaning. It just comes back, worse than before. He needs all his toys out at all times. I'm exhausted. I have a couple square feet of counter space free for my projects, and it's all I can do to keep that available.

Every thirty seconds I hear "mommy, mommy" and it's like nails on a chalkboard. I have no energy reserves left, physical or mental. I am empty.


I understand my child is the same way . I can’t comprehend all the chaos with the toys . I have tried to shift his focus and tell him to put toys away when he is done before he moves onto the next ones . I get mental shut so bad sometimes from it , he and people will trying talking to me and I am not even aware they are talking to me . Or takes me a long time to process they are communicating. All I can hope is it will get better and easier the older he gets .
Hi sorry to jump on your post but I wanted to share what I have created in the hope it will help parents like it helped me with my son. My story is very similar to yours and I struggle with various things on a daily basis, I started to plan out his day with him and found this helped him to deal with daily emotions much better when he was prepared.
I recently put a lot of effort into designing him his own routine planner and hoped to share it with other struggling parents.
It's set out so you can quietly sit with your child at night and plan out their next day, with what they will be doing, eating, how they will feel etc
And another page to help discuss how the day went and what they liked and didn't like and open a discussion with your child in a positive way to try and help and understand the needs they have.
Really hope this helps xLink to planner


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