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Leia’s 5 Senses Perspective Theory

How do you see the world as an autistic person? There are 5 options and they are each governed by one of the five senses. Explain your perspective.

1. Stereovision
2. Vibration vision
3. Picture vision
4. Smell pictures
5. Taste visualizations

I'll go first:
Temple Grandin described picture vision and at first, I thought that I saw in pictures too until I heard how she described it as being exact and able to recall past images (Si) and she could draw and had mechanical ability. I am only average in drawing skills and have no mechanical skills and she described being able to see clearly in detail the pictures in her head. My experience is a little different. I have the 2nd on on the list above. I have vibration vision. I see the world in terms of hot and cold, light and dark, and how they radiate through sound waves. I see pictures in my mind too but they are blurry and they have lines through them based on hot, cold, light, and dark waves. I create something like a map without using my eyes very much and I can hear the wind bouncing off of things to let me know how close objects and people are to me. I use three senses, touch, verbal, and sight but they all serve my primary sense which is touch. I associate with all other variables because of touch. My stims are also the highest in touch so that may help you figure out your autistic perspective. So sounds touch me. Sights touch me. My sense that is heightened is not smell or taste but it is mostly touch. I feel vibrations from people like personalities. They feel hot or cold to me. I am averse to water and I have to put on oil after a bath. I sleep with silk and soft merino lambs wool or I can't sleep very well. Touch is too pleasurable for me and so is eye contact. It lights me up and that feels like a body blush and its very uncomfortable. Snow feels like my hands will fall off. Water feels slimy. Plastic feels staticy. Metal feels loud. Wood feels alive even after its cut. I can echolocate by emotions through my heart field. I dream with a dreamboy this way. I can feel my mother even from long distances and know her pain. Touch has to do with soft and hard, wet and dry, wind and water, light and dark, hot and cold, dull and sharp. Texture of fabrics are felt to an extreme degree. Polyester makes me feel as though I have been wrapped in a plastic bag and my skin can't breathe. I am oversensitive to pain. I am too ticklish and don't want to be tickled. When I allow a hug it must be pressured with heaviness and innocent unless it is a significant other that I am intimate with then it can be sexual. Touch involves the highest level of trust.

Here are some videos from YouTube about each type of heightened sense in an autistic person:

1. Stereovision
Youtube this video:
Early Signs Of Aspergers | Patrons Choice

Autism From The Inside

2. Vibration vision
How Touch Feels To Individuals on the Autism Spectrum: Insights from an Autistic

Arman Khodaei

3. Picture vision
Thinking in Pictures - Temple Grandin


4. Smell pictures
Autism & Synesthesia Smelling Energies

The Thought Spot

5. Taste visualizations
10 weird autistic traits I had as a child

Yo Samdy Sam


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