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Is good, yes?

Woke up just before 8am. My internal clock has woken me up around this time for months, even after late nights which I've had the past few nights.

Been very proactive on my FB art page the past few months. IG is slowly picking up pace too, but I've been so used to FB and put off by IG that posting on both isn't a natural instinct of mine yet. Stick with what you know I guess, although in reality you need a presence on every available platform if you want maximum exposure. Sounds like a bit of a pain in the arse, mind. I left the swear word in, because I know this is a PG-13 forum, but I'm sure ass is acceptable, and it's not like the British vernacular makes it any ruder.

Messaged Meg a bit this morning. Last night we played some online pictionary on our phones. It was quite fun actually. Although much nicer in person of course. Plan to draw, tidy dreads and have a nice Saturday morning breakfast this weekend. Then I have a 2 hour long craft fair. Later in the evening we'll meet Guy and have food there. Either Saturday night or Sunday morning we're off to meet some of Meg's family to go apple picking.

Cycled the past two days. My shorter, 30 minute route. The original route from when I was a child, although in reverse compared to how it was done when we were young. I think it was pre-teen years. Me, my brother and my dad would go out on our bikes. To Aldreth - which is a hamlet next to Haddenham, then down a country track which goes out into the Fens. Surrounded by farmers fields and 9 acre woods, and then you circle back into Haddenham and there's a fairly steep hill climb just before the end.

It has felt good to cycle. I've also gone on a few walks. A few simple aims to get me on the right course this week - more water, less sugar, more exercise, less weed, more art/photography, less video games. Basically striking up a better balance. Also been reading more too. Things are moving in the right direction. Need to focus on the things that are worth focusing on.

As this book I'm reading says - you can't give a F about everything, but you need to find some things worth giving a F about. Also - you can't expect other people, especially in relationships to help you. They should be there to support you whilst you help yourself. As fixing other people's problems won't fix you either. So learn to have healthy boundaries, and speak your truth when you encounter things that don't agree with your beliefs and values etc. An honest representation of who you are, rather than biting your lip to save face.

Food, coffee, more reading, more music. Is good, yes?



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