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In which I acted, subject to a mood, prompted by what I had seen

Yesterday I saw this array of material.

The multiple "prisma" lists irritated me.
It is a listing of various color names.
I had already seen the percentage generator yesterday.
It is a listing of percentages.

The phrase "girl eating food" made me think of "Eats shoots and leaves".
With difference emphasis/punctuation, "girl eating food" could be something
other than a description of a female ingesting nutritive items.

I figured I could put together a 'food attacks girl' thing pretty quickly,
and it would relieve the annoyance I sometimes feel when I
see works that have taken next to no time or thought.

And since it was a spontaneously developed item, I wouldn't
be as attached to it as one I'd been working on over the
course of weeks or months. By that I mean, wouldn't be as
annoyed when my work got shoved off the visible
current listing of newer works.

I used my own lists of girl's names and foods.

name + 'regretted selecting the' + food. + description of incident + afterwords.

Girl-eating Food
Created by treebranch1

Title: Girl-eating Food
Descriptor: Why didn't the Lunch Lady warn her?
Button: caveat emptor

The title reflects the situation.
The descriptor creates expectations of a relationship.
The button implies the position of the food service employees.
(buyer beware)

Number of Results possible: 966,144

Sample of Results:
Noelle regretted selecting the buckwheat pancakes . She barely escaped with her life.
Audrey regretted selecting the quince . The carnage was unbelievable.
Jill regretted selecting the raspberry tart which turned out to be an alien life form. She never trusted cafeteria fare again.

It doesn't come as a surprise to me that thinking/writing
can be a way to "feel better" about negative situations.

Theoretically doesn't come as a surprise.
Experientially, it still does continue to interest me.

Thinking in words is important to me.


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