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I'll go to the university this year. July 3rd 2020 entrance exam.

By Tcx · Apr 4, 2020 · ·
  1. Age: almost 24.
    Education: dropped-out college student.
    Medicine taking: Newcalm, Apa-bily, Dormicum.
    Self-awareness: at least 4/10. I'm very kind, gentle, non-toxic.
    Relationships: not so bad, not so good. Bearable.
    Eating: fixed.
    Daily routine: still fixing.
    Goal: learn excel>c>c++>c#>python>java>javascript. Order given by my friend. Please suggest if got better order. Thanks.
    Major Goal: Computer science major.
    Therapist/psychiatrist: got both.
    Willing to be alive: 12/10.(more than enough)
    Hobby: making guides. Maplestory. Making my blogger(for entrance exam).
    CS related book collection: 18


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  1. James Nicodemus
    I wish I had your computer savvy. It would help me to much better keep up with my 11-year old son, who I think has Asperger's and is a tech wiz. The way I look at it, you and my son are set up knowledge-wise to conquer the future. Hang in there.
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    1. Tcx
      I'm a beginner and he's already a pro ;)
  2. AnnieCat
    CS is awesome! I found it was much easier to choose a project I wanted to work on, and then figure out what language I needed to learn to make it, rather than starting on a language. Learning with no goal in mind is challenging.
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    1. Tcx
      Actually I'm following what you said right now rather than learning according to the order my friend provided to me. Most stuff I want to learn requires using Python so that's my go-to language!
  3. Imeguras
    javascript is ultra easy(although its a bad language because of every inconcistency it has)
    python comes with everything... in fact it makes everything for you(thats why i kinda hold a grudge against it) C can be a hard language to learn by your self because of the pointers
    Also going from c to c++ and then to python is kinda redudant because C to C++ are totally different domains(one is Imperative the other is object oriented)
    remember its not learning to code that is important its what its in the code that is
    to say that learning to code makes a coder is like saying knowing how to write makes a professional writer
    ill say mine java>C# >Lua >javascript and other markup languages > C and now im learning rust and Java the proper way(because OOP has theory)
    taking computer science major and till now we only talked about two languages because once you nailed one down the others come right through
    good luck
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    2. Imeguras
      if you wanna go to Coding related to math:
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    3. Imeguras
      also sorry if downplay python and javascript when you become really devoted to computer science(and not just programming) sometimes you'll end up despising certain popular languages
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    4. Imeguras
      Theres a lot to learn though people always end up thinking they "learned" to code and then theyre code ends up being laughting stock for the amount of if statements that exist
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