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  1. I really don't know what to do anymore. I need a job but it has to have some very specific requirements which my parents continually remind me of. And until I get a job I am going to have to deal with living in a corner of their basement. Any mistake I make causes my mother to go crazy with lots of screaming and yelling in a way that's not really criminally abusive but still not fun to deal with. She will then text complaints and recently pictures of whatever offended her to my dad and then my dad will either call me from work on my cellphone or when he gets home or both. So basically I have to deal with them being agitated both at me and each other since the three of us seem to be incapable of getting through one day peacefully coexisting and if it does last 24 hours something always comes up to cause more trouble. I am 18 but I don't have a license and my DMV is closed until the COVID19 ends. I was able to get into a bus program thanks to my disability, most other aid programs have not been as helpful so far all they have done so far is screw with my insurance meaning soon I wont be able to afford healthcare or therapy. My parents also recently have added their own rules to my transportation making it harder to get a job. I am restricted to work on or near a single street, My only experience is in fast food which they no longer want me work in. I have to let them know all the details about my trips. I cant just schedule a bus to the house and travel alone to any where I want. So unless I find a place on or near this street that I can get a non-restaurant job at they they will approve of and can pay for insurance and anything else they think I might need, I am going to be stuck walking on pins and needles trying to keep them happy. Its likely going to get worse when this virus ends or when my NT younger brother manages to find a job before I do since my mom seems to think its a race of some sort between one son who is perfectly normal and the other grew up with a defective brain. I do not even know how writing this is going to help beyond me venting 18 years of problems into a computer screen.​


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