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Holiday Inbound

On Wednesday I went with Meg into Peterborough to meet with one of her work colleagues. We went to a place that only serves desserts. It was quite a decadent experience I must admit, and it was funny to see that even without discussing what we were having - me and Meg's choice was almost exact.

I tend to go into observer mode when I'm in group conversations, especially when people are discussing work related things - when I don't work there. But Meg was inclusive and understanding that I can go rather quiet, as she says that's often how she is in group situations.

After dessert we drove back to the hotel he's staying at to collect his archaeology tools as we'd drop them off in Bristol Sun/Mon coming up.

Little odd at the moment - so much has been happening in the past month that my recollection of situations and when they happened is getting a little bit foggy. If I recall correctly we spent that evening in Meg's van.

The next day we met another of her friends and work colleagues, in Cambridge this time. I offered to drive. Meg feels awkward when I offer, and I feel awkward when she's being helpful. It's amusing that we're both helpful people and feel bad when the other person is doing something. Meg pointed out that we should never help to the point of exhaustion. Truth be told, I enjoy being helpful and I do go above and beyond in relationships. However, it's true that you don't want to burn yourself out.

When we met her colleague in Cambridge I quickly saw he was an extrovert, and the kind of guy who tells joke after joke. Initially I clammed up, and it took about an hour to have much conversational input on my part. We met him in a bar, then went for Chinese food. After we walked into the city centre and went to the museum of zoology. After that we got ice cream, and both me and Meg ordered a double espresso - another tick. It makes us smile all these matches we keep getting.

The coffee was incredible, the best I've ever had. We also went to see the mathematical bridge, and went to a bar. Then we drove to the river and picked up drinks and snacks on the way. We parked up and spent the night by the river, and Meg had this small fold up fire pit/bbq that we kept going until 00:30 ish. Conversation was a bit more flowing, and I felt more integrated than I initially thought I would have when I first met him. I also saw 2 shooting stars and Meg saw another. We also pointed out a lot of satellites that we could see.

I struggled to sleep that night, but I often do in new locations, or when I'm trying to sleep in the same room as multiple people. Still, I got to sleep after about 90 minutes. I was the last to fall asleep and the first to wake up. I didn't feel too tired, and to be honest, whilst I'm tired now - it's nothing overpowering.

I offered to drive us back to Cambridge to drop off her friend. Meg felt awkward, but agreed. After we dropped him off we headed into town and got a few bits as we're travelling to Cornwall on Sun/Mon.

I'm really quite excited, as I've never been and it'll be a weeks+ holiday with Meg. A real adventure. I get to see her friends, and also her ex. Which might sound odd/awkward to be looking forward to. But at the end of the day, much like me and Kristy - Meg and her ex, Paul are staying friends, and that's a good thing. We'll be dropping off some bits to his houseboat down in Cornwall.

We got some lovely Malaysian street food from the market and ate it under the shade of a big tree in one of the many parks in Cambridge. After we got back, we got her old van ready as someone was visiting to possibly buy it. In the end they made and offer and will be coming on Sunday to collect it. A big relief and congratulations to Meg.

Towards the end of the afternoon Meg was feeling burnt out. It's been a busy month, and this week has been lovely, but also emotional. Positive emotions, but they're tiring nonetheless. She's driving to her dad's tonight and off to a family wedding in London tomorrow. Then back home Sunday afternoon and we're thinking of doing the trip to Bristol on Sunday, get her colleagues tools dropped off, along with picking up a speaker for her brother in Bristol. Then doing the second leg of the trip to Cornwall on Monday morning.

Busy busy. I feel bad that I can't drive, but she told me it's my turn to let her drive. It's wonderful that we're both helpful people, and so we're naturally giving and wanting to help each other.

Something else that was truly special was just before she left. I suggested we cuddle up in the van so she could take some time out to process and rest before she drove the 90 odd minutes to her dad's. We cuddled and talked. It got quite emotional and I told her that I loved her. She was in tears, as was I - and she told me that she loved me too.

I get that need to process things though. As I said earlier, it's been a little tricky of late to place what's happened when. Each day has been unique and wonderful - but I think we're both in need of this holiday. I'll get to see her friends, and we'll do exploring, and wandering and lots of swimming in the sea. But we also agreed we need to have a couple of days in bed, chilling, eating lots of snacks and having lots of sex.

Before we cuddled up in the van we walked her dog Lucky down the meadows where we'd first met. We sat on a bench and had a very candid chat about intimacy amongst other things. I confessed 2 things to her that were very personal, and yet she was understanding and warm - just her usual lovely self. One thing that we agreed on was how refreshing it was to be in a relationship with someone with a matching sex drive.

The connection we have emotionally, physically and mentally is rather astounding. It made me somewhat forlorn that I felt like I'd missed out for such a long time in life. Settling on mediocre relationships or one's that just weren't a good fit for me.

What we have feels so real and intense that it's truly profound. Whenever I've previously said "I love you" it has felt quite hollow. But to share tears with someone, and to say it and have it reciprocated. Wow. Life has a new found energy and flavour that is all consuming.

That consumption as said above can be quite tiring though. So tonight is a restful night. Tomorrow morning is doing the last few bits before my first craft fair on Sunday morning. Then, on Sunday afternoon I'll see Meg and our holiday will begin.

Can't wait to see Cornwall and go on adventures with Meg. I know that we're going to have an amazing time together. I think I might try and keep a written diary of our time there, as my time online will be quite minimal.



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