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Gluten intolerance is in some cases an imaginary disease of wealth

By Yeshuasdaughter · Feb 10, 2020 · ·
  1. I have about a million allergies, some very serious. But I just have to go out and say it.

    Gluten intolerance is in some cases an imaginary disease of wealth!

    Out of the dozens of kids in our neighborhood, no one has gluten intolerance. Not only that, but they eat junk food and are just normal, energetic kids.

    But then you look at some of my daughter's friends whose dads are engineers for Nike or Intel, and all of a sudden about half of them are sensitive to gluten.

    My daughter once brought Doritos (gluten free) to a troop meeting (where most of the kids are from upper middle class homes), thinking it'd be the cool kid snack, since they had for years eaten nothing but Smart Pop as a snack, and most of the girls wouldn't even touch them.

    In my neighborhood, if she were to bring a bag of chips across the street, she'd be mobbed by 20 kids, begging for a handful (or three). And probably a group of boys would snatch it and run


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  1. Au Naturel
    There are a lot of medical fads. A medical problem will crop up that a tiny percentage of people will genuinely have and then it becomes popular because some health guru publicizes it.

    One percent of people will develop celiac disease. It is a genetic autoimmune disorder. Exposure to gluten as a child does not cause it. Eliminating gluten from the diet will not prevent it from developing. There are clear tests for it. Only people who are diagnosed as having it need to avoid gluten.

    Sometimes the fad will itself exacerbate the problem. A very tiny number of people had peanut allergies so it gets some publicity and suddenly parents stop feeding their kids peanut butter.

    The number one cause of peanut allergy? Not having been exposed to peanuts as a very young child when your immune system is still developing. Ironic.

    And children who spent time outdoors when they were very young and had dogs or cats as pets have far lower rates of asthma and milder hay fever when they get older. The big uptick in asthma cases over the last couple of decades was caused by parents raising children in a super clean environment. Something that would not have been practical or even seen as desirable when I was young.

    I won't even get into the junk science behind the thimerosal scare.
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