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Food addiction sucks

By Dias · Mar 31, 2019 · ·
  1. You know what the problem is with food addiction? Is that you can not stop eating completely unless you want to dye or unless you are a Saint.

    To stop an addiction you have to keep away from it right? How the hell do you do that with food?

    With food, extremes don't work: if you stop eating you dye, if you overeat you dye. ( I know we all have to dye some time but you get my point, I think)

    The only solution that I can see is: really go deep in the reasons you have an addiction, find the cause and heal it, practise self awareness at all times, practise self-control at all times, practise self-love at all times...

    It is exhausting!!!!

    It is painful!!!

    I don't want to practise self-awareness at all times!!!

    Man, why did I choose this when I came to this life, to this body?
    But I was right...this is the best addiction I can have if I want to Spiritually progress!

    But it still sucks!!!!!!


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  1. Kelsey4vril
    It does suck! Not feeling in control, ever... Knowing you’re making unhealthy decisions for yourself but not feeling like you can stop. And of course, as you said, with food if you stop completely, you die!

    (Have you heard of The Little Book of Big Change by Amy Johnson, PhD? It’s a pretty quick read and I’ve found it very comforting and helpful in changing my relationships with addictive things in my life.)
      Dias likes this.
    1. Dias
      Thank you for the suggestion Kelsey4vril, I will look it up.