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Fighting against social anxiety

A more uplifting blog post for once here, I've decided that I think I need to push a little harder in life, and this includes things such as making new friends, pushing myself to talk more instead of being overly shy and never taking that first step, going outside the house a little more (which is very hard for me)

I realise that I'm probably never going to get anywhere unless I myself take these first steps, I have sat for a long time and always just kind of.. hoped people would talk to me first. but this probably isn't the best way to do things, I only ever really started doing this was because I find starting conversations VERY difficult, but it seems like unless I push through on this as much as I can, then I will always struggle to communicate with others, I think I need to put more effort in on my part too.

Autism I know isn't really something I can change and I'm full aware of my traits and limits with it by now and have been accepting myself more, but my social phobia is a different story and can be helped a little in a few ways and I've started a self 'fight' against it in a way, I want to battle my mental health (the social phobia) as much as I can because I do not wish to feel lonely all the time anymore, and the only way I'm going to change that is if I keep trying, I'm making sure I go into this with an open mind and with the thought process of 'You may not click with everyone new you meet and that's okay, but perhaps you will click with someone eventually and it'll be worth it' so that is my goal, In the past when I decided to meet new people, I always lost all my self esteem when I didn't click with them and things went wrong, but perhaps I've been thinking about this all wrong because I somehow presumed I would click with EVERYONE I met originally, when I need to go into it with the mindset of trying with a variety of people and perhaps I'll find 1 or 2 every so often who I do click with, obviously not everyone is compatible and I'm beginning to understand this more recently.

I've also made plans to go out a few times a week for exercise and fresh air to help clear my mind as I am someone who sits indoors 24/7 and all I ever do is sit and think, and thinking too much eventually leads to the wrong types of thoughts for me, doing all of this is very very difficult for me and I may eventually burn out from doing it but I'm feeling in a good phase currently to try and do a few things so wish me luck, I will hopefully be able to post more good in the future.


no one, repeat no one "clicks" with everyone they meet. Don't be hard on yourself. Realizing you can break with the past, and meet some people, however difficult, is a huge step! Good for you. Not everyone will become a friend, but even an acquaintance is a start, and a few may become friends. Keep up the good work, baby steps turn into grown steps, and move you forward. Celebrate your successes.

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