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Everything Wrong With My Noastalgias

I’ve read, watched, or otherwise got into several things in my childhood. Of course, that period of my life had nothing to do with vegetarianism, let alone veganism. Anyway, several of them turned into mixed-bags ever since these things I’ve found online shocked me into determinedly switching to vegan.
“Curious George” (specifically the original book and a stop-motion animated adaptation): The star monkey gets bagged against his will because a man with a yellow hat decided “What a nice little monkey. I’m going to take him home with me”. Plus, George ends up living in a zoo “What a nice place for George to live”. NEWSFLASH: a “nice place to live” for a monkey or any non-human is their NATURAL habitat!
“Beverly Hills Teens” (Okay, I was officially introduced to this cartoon show via YouTube, but most my age would brand it “nostalgic”): Several meals and treats the teenage boys and girls from affluent families love to fatten themselves with. Not to mention the one girl called Blaze, who means well, but still exploits one horse (“Stardust” by name) for horse-related activities several people (especially Texans) call “fun” but I’m sure horses would call, “torture”, and “humiliating”.
“Curious George Rides a Bike”: To celebrate the anniversary of George being brought to the life of the Man with the yellow hat, they were to go to “the Animal Show”; something like the Big Apple Circus or the Ringaling Brothers (for a while). George himself gets involved in the show, one way or another.
“George of the Jungle”: This George wears a leopard skin. But then, the original Tarzan wears something like that.
“The Neverending Story” (the German book and 2 WB movies with many elements from said book): There’s this buffalo that ATREYU, one of some important (and many memorable) characters was trained for life to hunt down.
“The Mask of Zorro” (basically, any incarnation of this “Fox”): Mostly the use of horses, among other things.
“The Wizard of Oz” (1939; MGM) Bert Lahr wore a costume for his role as The Cowardly Lion which was made of 2 real lionskins sewn together and stuffed with mattress-like padding.
"The Parent Trap" (Each Disney version): Basically, trout.
"Heavy Weights": Basically boys in a quaint little summer camp who need to go on a diet chase a cow in part of a montage to wreck that diet!
Finally, there’s some of one animated “Fantastic Four” series that I was introduced via the DVD set (courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment), though, like one cartoon of the above listed, most my age would brand this “nostalgic”: The Human Torch of the Fantastic Four crosses path with someone of the royal family from a Great Refuge; they call themselves the “Inhuman Race” and this one is Crystal, a woman who eventually shared a long and torrid romance with “Torch”. (As would I, if I was lucky with such quality and goodness.) Anyway, in one episode, he played tour guide for Crystal, and introduced her to a New York Hot Dog!


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