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Down by the River

Yesterday I spent a lot of the day chatting with Meg on WhatsApp. She then invited me to the river nearby to go swimming. I'd never been swimming in the wild and was a little nervous, but I said I'd come along. I asked if I could get a lift with her and she said I could, but that she'd be staying the night in her van.

We stocked up on supplies for the night on the way. It was very warm at the time, but I still wasn't sure if I'd be going for a swim. When we got to the meadow it was very busy and Meg was a little put out by this. She told me it was normally quieter than this, and worried it might be too busy for me. Nevertheless, we parked up and decided we'd go a little further up the river to swim.

When she got in, I threw caution to the wind and took my shoes, socks and t shirt off and swam in my trousers and boxers (as I had some tracksuit pants in my carry bag). It was the first time I'd been swimming in 10 or so years. But it was very refreshing and I noticed a big smile on Meg's face when I took my shirt on and got into the river.

After our swim she cooked us a meal, and then we had a smoke and had a long chat. A few days previous we'd picked some cherry plums from a tree in the graveyard. I pointed a tree near where we had parked and she said I was right in guessing it was the same sort of tree. So she parked up closer to it and we climbed up the ladder on the back of her van and onto the weld mesh roof rack she has running along the entire top of her van. I'm afraid of heights, so my legs were a bit wobbly, but we managed to pick an entire small whicker basket worth of fruit.

I taught her how to do some staffing tricks and was surprised by how quick she learnt. Also, it was nice to be up close to her. An atmosphere was continuing to build between us. Later in the evening we played some card games, and I also learned poker for the first time, and we gambled with pieces of chocolate bars. Then we watched a film - Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

When it was time for bed I slept on the sofa which folded into a bed. I could tell there was a bit of an atmosphere in the van, and it took both of us a long time to sleep. There was clearly some sexual tension brewing.

This morning we had breakfast and sat in the shade created by the van for several hours and chatted whilst listening to music. We drove back when the shadow created by the van was very small as the midday sun began to rise higher into the sky.

On the drive home I asked if she'd like to come to mine for a cup of tea. I introduced her to my parents. After we'd chatted with them I suggested we sit on this hanging 2 seater chair my parents have in the garden which is in the shade all day.

We sat and chatted for hours, and then I brought about the conversation to saying how happy I was that I'd met her, but that I was a little nervous about potentially spoiling a friendship because of growing feelings etc. I asked her if she wanted to kiss me after our goodbye hug on our first day - and she said yes. I also queried if she felt that atmosphere in the van before we went to bed - and she also agreed.

In fact, we were fully open and honest with one another, and came to the conclusion that whilst she's here until August, why not throw caution to the wind and go with our gut - and just enjoy the time we have.

So then I held her hand, and we gently swayed on the swinging seat. Then we kissed, and spent many hours chatting more, holding hands and cuddling up to one another. She said that she wished we'd done this the previous night.

Tonight we're going to park her van up in the spot where I like to watch the sunsets out in the fens and spend the night there.

I'm glad my inklings were correct, and that I could feel the building atmosphere and sexual tension. Unfortunately the deep curve in the wicker suspended seat in my parents garden flared up and old injury I have. Epididymitis - which was diagnosed as chronic. It took a year to clear up, and when it flared up a few years back, the same old narrative remained - there's nothing physically wrong with you. One consultant urologist said that some conditions never heal in certain people. That the nerve endings in that area become hypersensitive. Sure enough that's what has happened to me, and a few times a year I get a flare up. Especially when sat in certain seats.

So now I have this constant, and mild to quite pronounced pain in my scrotum. Feels like the aftermath of being kicked in the balls. Just what you need after you've just hooked up with someone.

Still - I know it's mind over matter here. The less I focus on it, the less ammo it gives my body to keep the pains and sensitivity up.

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. We'll visit places and go on adventures, and I'll do something I've never done before - go out with someone knowing full well that there's an end date in mind.

Of course, I can't predict what the future will hold. But for goodness sake - there's clearly a strong connection that's formed between us, and it'd be foolish to deny ourselves happiness and positive memories. After she leaves, it'll only be sad or awkward if we allow it to be.

So there we have it - I was open and honest with her, and now we're both very happy and smitten. Provided my balls can man up and chill out after being sat in a chair with an odd angle - we'll be right as rain.



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