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Do you feel more with autism?

By Aru · Sep 25, 2020 · ·
  1. Unsure if i should have make this an actual forum post or not but thought i'd share my own experiences and see if anyone can relate in the comments here

    Do people with Autism feel emotions more?
    I've been officially diagnosed with autism but i still don't really know what comes with it fully, But i have had these massive emotion issues my whole life, When i get angry, I get abnormally angry, I snap way easily than i should, But the same goes for every other emotion too, I love way more than i should, I get way more sad than i should, Every emotion seems to be on a whole other level compared to someone who is NT

    This has been causing a lot of issues in my life so i just wanted some help on the whole thing, My emotions being way over the top causes so so many situations and drama and it's something i've never been able to get a hold of overall and i keep getting looked down on for it
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  1. Mrs Twillight Zone
    Perhaps everyone is different? I mean, I can't say what all people with autism feel or how they are. I would say some, at least, would feel "more". How old are you? If you are a teenager, you are going to have mood swings. I don't know for sure as I'm still learning, however I think people on the spectrum could have mood swings anyway. Have you any other diagnoses? Not that I want to pathologise you or your issues but is there anything else possibly going on?
  2. zozie
    I have intense emotions, which is one of the reasons I turned to behavioral disorders as an answer before considering autism. I was one of those folks who had a very narrow view of what autism was before I got educated.

    I'm not sure if it's more or if it's a perception of more (or if there's even a difference when it comes to emotions), but this is something I relate to. More joy, more agony, more love, more rage, it's just the bigness of it all. "Life in technicolor," I called it once to a family member, right before they suggested that I might be psychotic.

    One thing I do tend to do personally is hide when I feel the intense emotions coming on, if there's time. If I express them in public, there's a lot of upset and drama, and I tend to hate myself later and develop a reputation.

    What helps me is a rhythmic exercise, like running, where I invite a full feeling of the intensity of my emotions. I like to run on the mountain trails that are mostly empty. And nature doesn't care how I feel, so any judgments I have about my feelings are mine alone, which is useful when coming to a resolution about them. Additionally, running (or other rhythmic activity) satisfies a stimming need, which helps me regulate.

    Music is another huge medium for emotional release, but again, I try as best I can to get alone and release by myself so as to limit the drama.

    You aren't alone in this, though I am still on the waiting list to be assessed for official diagnosis. Life in technicolor.
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  3. Au Naturel
    I don't know if they feel more. I think they can be more fragile which makes them more easily injured.

    Feeling more can mean having more feelings than another person in the same situation. Or it can be feeling more because there are more situations. It is probably a little of both for you.

    My dominant emotion has always been depression. Depression is often expressed as a lack of feelings. One becomes flat.

    You're losing all your highs and lows
    Ain't it funny how the feeling goes away.

    - Desperado
    Either way, it isn't necessarily a part of autism but they often accompany autism.
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  4. Greatshield17
    Yes it's true, one of the aspects of being Autistic is being more sensitive, both in regards to the emotions and in regards to your sense of touch. My philosophical tradition actually says that emotions are part of the body; hence why they're called "feelings."

    From my point of view, it seems like there is an interesting relationship going on between the body and the interior for a person with Autism.
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  5. ShamarZ15
    I know I can relate and I guess that's why I've never been with a woman yet.
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