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Dealing with the aftermath of an argument and learning that my best friend has Aspergers. Please give me useful advice x

Me and my best friend of 2 years recently had a huge argument because i recently made a group of friends who want to spend allot of time with me and this all happened before i knew she has aspergers so now some of her behaviour makes sense. The reason why things are very strained are because she has taken what i said to her very bluntly and twisted it for example she used me making a point and then making it sound like i have been pressuring her to date when she has been obsessively asking me to set her up she also made it sound like that was why i was mad at her.. it seems like she has been almost lying to me specifically when she knows i value honesty and loyalty allot. she also know certain things that set me off, now i have little control over my anger so when she started to cry and use things that she knew would upset me and anger me in front of my mum and her friends after the only reason why i didn't loose my temper was my mum using her knowledge of me to calm me down, our only communication has been through our mums as i asked hers how she was at home because i thought she hadn't been taking her anxiety medication or something like that it turns out it was down to jealousy of my new friendships and her difficulty making them, the problem is she had taken it to the point where she is trying to control who i am friends with by using manipulation and lies i don't know much about her condition so if this is a normal part of it i need to know how to respond to her if this happens again but if it happens to this extent i don't know if i cant continue to be her friend as it causes allot of stress and anxiety for me if she cant be friends with my new ones and my old ones i will just have to try to make time for her. i just wish she wouldnt lie to not just me but everyone by saying she has no friends at all when she has and she tells me about them and they talk fondly of her. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME OUR FRIENDSHIP IS ON THE LINE BECAUSE I DONT KNOW HOW TO RESPOND TO HER. -thankyou Merle x


When you are Aspie, it's possible to be jealous of friends, because you see that you're different from other people and you are worried about being left out.
Of course, this is in general, because all people are different.
If I was her, I wouldn't want to have people pushed on me and be expected to be friends with them.
I would also get annoyed and bored if you talked about your other friends all the time. I just wouldn't be interested.

I had some issues with my closest friend over the same kind of stuff... Though I wasn't as vindictive as your friend sounds. I was just sick of hearing about this other girl... Just wishing we'd go back to talking about Barbie dolls, Disney movies or Madonna or something

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