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Day Nine 8/01/19 Te Anau to Arrowtown

By Papillon · Jan 8, 2019 ·
  1. I guess you’ll just have to wait and hear what happens because there’s a lot. Hopefully I remember it all coz well you’ll find out…

    Well the day started out with a trip to the supermarket via a camping store which I must say was very cool and stocked many things I hadn’t seen before. The supermarket was well a supermarket but there wasn’t really anyone there, so it was easy to survive. Then we walked back to the camper van via a coffee shop for mum and Olivia to get coffees and hot chocolates.

    Then we got on the road and I rode in the front seat which was fun and a lot more comfortable than in the back so yup we drove and then we reached a point called the devils staircase and my friend told me that it was winedy but not that bad because you have to go slow but I was so anxious about this so I ended up pinching myself a lot and really badly like in no way did I intend to hurt myself I just needed a way to cope with the overwhelming anxiety I was feeling and that’s what happened, I used to do it all the time but it never ended with more than a bruise yesterdays ‘incident’ has caused some bleeding under my skin by the looks of things and I was pinching over my t-shirt and my hoodie. So that’s a thing and something I am struggling to not continue to do.

    We made it to Queenstown but going there in the first place with the camper van was a mistake it was very hard to get around the city and absolutely nowhere to park it so then we had to make our way out of the city again somehow but to make matters worse both my parents really needed to pee, this is a common occurrence especially with mum, we had only stopped just less than an hour previous for her at this point. So eventually we found a shopping center just past the airport looking out onto the Remarkables mountain range where we found a very fancy bathroom. We had lunch at a French bakery which I am very excited to tell my French teacher about because she is very into hearing about random French things we find.

    We kept driving and made it to Arrowtown where we are staying currently its about a 20min drive out of Queenstown and is a heritage village so we spent a rather large amount of time looking around that and looking around the Chinese village that is attached to it and then we got ice creams and I had the best chocolate sorbet ever like it was just like ice cream the lack of dairy products didn’t even matter. Then we went on a very unscenic underwhelming walk and by this time I had a horrible headache which I believe was from my neck due to the way I’ve been sleeping and the camper van and the way it drives, like you can feel every little bump in it while driving.

    I got back to the camper and took some pain meds that made me rather high (this happens often because I am resistant to all other pain meds that like are weaker than what I take and yes it is prescribed by the doctor) so I got high and everything was a lol and a half and then I got low it was awful, meltdown panic attack awful. So I fell asleep out of exhaustion and well that was about my day.

    It was okay I guess, like all in all it was fine but things obviously could have gone better. But now its time to go on todays adventure so lets hope it goes better.

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