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Day Eight 7/01/2019 Te Anau

By Papillon · Jan 8, 2019 ·
  1. First things first WE MADE IT HALF WAY!!!!!!! Who would have thought, I will be home this time next week and I am so so excited but also weary that I still have another week of this hell sort of a situation.

    Secondly yesterday was my sisters 13th birthday but don’t tell anyone that because things get expensive if we all have to pay adult prices ;)

    Not too much happened yesterday, we got up kinda late and Olivia opened her presents all of which she was very happy with and then we went to go and get breakfast. I had a very average blueberry muffin because muffins are now a food I am surviving off. Oh side note to get breakfast we walked down and back up the main street to find a place to eat which was a total of 2km of walking before we sat down where we started to eat. After breakfast we walked back all the way down the main street to book places on a glow worm tour for the afternoon. Then we went to the supermarket to find a cake because there is no way that you are cooking a cake in this kitchen.

    We made our way back to the camper van at the camping grounds and we just sat around for 4hrs which was actually really nice as we haven’t really had a break we just go and go and go and we are all getting quite tired so mum and dad did some washing, Olivia read a book on my kindle and I did some stuff on my computer and eventually we decided to have cake which turned out to be still frozen but we ate it anyways.

    Finally, it was 2.30 and we left to walk down the main street yet again to get to the lake where the boat left for the glow worm tour from. The boat ride was the best thing ever it was the best thing, I usually sleep under my weighted blanket at home which gives me sensory input which helps me calm down and sleep in general but for somewhat obvious reasons I didn’t bring that with me so I was lacking a bit on the sensory input side of things, on the boat I stood up the top on like the viewing platform thingy and it was so so windy but it was like all the weighted blankets and squeezy hugs ever and it was so good and made how loud the wind was and how much it was hurting my ears all worth it. I think everyone thought I was a little strange as I stood for the entire time as everyone else up there sat while I walked around having the best time but honestly, I don’t care because it was the best fun.

    The glow worm tour was so cool, you weren’t allowed to take any photos in the cave so that’s why we are lacking in that department but we walked through the caves and then got on a boat where we saw so many glow worms and it was great, we left the cave and there was like a thing where they told us all this cool information about glow worms but the sandflies where crazy so that’s was fun and then we came back on the boat which was still very enjoyable but not quite as enjoyable as the way there as the wind wasn’t as strong.

    Just as a side note for your entertainment because it was so cold I was wearing shoes, socks, jeans, t-shirt, pj top, hoodie and my jacket which I must say was quite the line-up.

    We went out for dinner because that’s what Olivia chose to do for her birthday, I hate going out for dinner food is something I am massively anxious about and going out for dinner means that they may not have something I like or like idk it could just be not good in my opinion, it was okay I had the crumbed chicken without the sauce stuff (I hate sauces) but the salad they had put dressing on so that was a bit of a let-down. And that’s about the day, it was pretty good in all even though the morning was horrible in terms of how I felt mentally but that’s that. Only 6 more days to go.

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