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Day 7 6/01/19 Milford Sounds

By Papillon · Jan 6, 2019 · ·
  1. Today was wow like there was no other words to describe it and I actually had a good day for once well yes, I’m gonna say it was good but you’ll soon hear about the whole thing. And let me just say that today was reminded me that there is some beauties that a camera cant capture and that only ones eyes can truly see and appreciate but only if you are looking with the right eyes and well have taken almost 600 photos over the past 7 days but none of them truly show what I have seen and been through and while I find a camera such a great way to deal with and process the world and new and anxious things it will never be able to replace what my eyes can see and it will never be able to show any one what I have truly seen and been through.

    I don’t even know where to start I am so overwhelmed. Maybe I’ll start with what just happened and then start in the morning. So going on from yesterday I spent the day with the blade in my pocket and well now it’s not in my pocket, I threw it in the bin and heck I’m so anxious and I just want to cry I don’t even know what to do but it’s okay…..right.

    Okay so the drive to Milford was just over 2 hours, 2 hours filled with anxiety. As some of you know I am phobic of vomit and well my sister is prone to getting car sick luckily, she was sat up the front so that made my anxiety a little better but it was long and I was very anxious because the thought of vomit was just a lot. We made it the whole day with no vomit which I am so so happy about.

    When we got there it was pouring with rain well actually when we left here it was pouring with rain but it was still pouring so we got our jackets and climbed out of the camper, at this point it was about 10.30 and our boat didn’t leave until 1.30, we caught a shuttle bus to the boat terminal to minimize how wet we were getting but then we had a 15 minute walk back to the café to have morning tea so we got soaked, it was rather miserable. Morning tea was average and there was no service to pass the time with so we just sat and checked out phones hopelessly until we decided that we were going to get wet anyways so we many as well go for a walk to have a look at the area so by the time we gave up and went back to the terminal we were all soaking and I was freezing cold.

    Eventually we boarded the boat and got lunch which kinda sucked as someone who is super picky and only eats a small variety of foods which generally gets smaller when I go away from home because I need to keep something safe right so we had lunch and by the time we had finished that the boat had left the terminal so we went outside and wow it was so amazing like I can’t explain it but I will say that I wandered around the boat looking out all of the windows being myself and having a great time taking so many photos. (side note: I still feel like I’m on a boat)

    We got to go and see and underwater observatory but since I am small and let people push me around because I am scared for people to get angry at me or to touch me like bump into me I didn’t get to see much of anything. But it was still very cool then we got back on another boat and went back to the terminal then wandered back to our caravan.

    The drive home was okay we stopped off and saw heaps of cool things like a Kea and snow!!! We spent the night in Te Anau again and today it is my sisters birthday so we will see what fun adventures we get up to.

    That’s about my day I guess so hopefully today is also good but if not that’s okay I still had a good day yesterday.

    Yes I did change tenses probably because I finished writing it the next day.

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  1. the_tortoise
    What is a Kea?
    1. tree
    2. Papillon
      it is a native bird which is very cheeky
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