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Day to Day Life

  1. A well-awaited end to a rougher than normal week

    It's been one of those weeks where I feel just drained physically and emotionally. I've been doing nothing but screwing up academically and socially apparently and I just feel isolated from the rest of the world. I've been listening to music to escape those dark thoughts, I'm not talking about end it all, by the way, it's just me, myself, and my agonizing struggle through life with no one to vent to. I work myself to the point my fingers hurt and fatigue is starting, for what? Just to do...
  2. Day 1: Three Good Things About Me

    I am a youngish woman. I have struggled with friendship my entire life, and that is not a hyperbole. Right now, I am very alone. I moved from my home town almost two years ago, and have failed to make friends, failed to maintain my romantic relationship, and even failing at my job. It feels like there is nothing to look forward to nowadays, because no one cares about me, or at least that is what the voices in my head tell me repeatedly. Here I, today, I will write a few reasons why i AM...
  3. I need your opinion on something! Comments are welcome!

    Good morning y'all! Today, my goal is to get to know you all a little better. So I have a question for you to comment below your personal opinion. I ask this with utmost respect and confessing I know very little about Aspies (I'm a BPD, and that's completely different). So my question is this: how do Aspies react when they see someone they like? It can be the first time they see them or it could be after some time of knowing them. What I want to know (to make a better and accurate...
  4. Banana & Pear Chocolate Fudge Pie

    (All measures in British Imperial) Pastry • 2 tbsp Icing Sugar • <6 oz Self-Raising Flour * I ditch the sugar in the measuring bowl, then weigh so both that and the flour together make 6 oz. • 3 oz Butter • Water > as per previous pastry instructions. Filling • 4 oz Butter, melted • 2 Eggs, whisked until even colour & consistency. > mix together with whisk • 5 oz Dark Brown Sugar • Sliced Vanilla Pod to taste > mix in • 1.5 oz Plain Flour • 1.5 oz Cocoa Powder > sift onto above, then fold...
  5. Tomato & Broccoli Flan

    (All measurements in British Imperial) Pastry • 6 oz Self-Raising Flour • 3 oz Butter • Some water > I typed up some pretty exhaustive instructions for the “Artichoke & Red Onion Flan” recipe: same as but with slightly different ingredient list. Filling • 1 Onion, diced and lightly fried. • 6 oz Broccoli Florets, par boiled. • 4 oz Cherry Tomatoes, quartered. > Set all these aside having dealt with them as per above. • 2 Eggs, whisked • 5 oz Mozzarella, diced fine • 2 oz Parmigiano...
  6. Artichoke & Red Onion Flan

    (All measurements in British Imperial) Pastry • 3oz Self-Raising Flour • 3oz Wholemeal Bread Flour • 3oz Butter > crumble together with your fingers until it’s an even consistency (I use room temperature butter: totally wrong according to every book/body... but it’s easier, and has no negative consequences) • Water > combine with fingers to make an only just not sticky dough (this is the hard part, I have a tumbler of water and add a generous dash at a time: if it gets actually sticky, add...
  7. Fruit Cake.

    (All measurement are in British Imperial) • 8oz Self-raising Flour • 1oz Ground Almonds • 1.5tsp Mixed Spice • 1tsp Ground Ginger • 1tsp Ground Cinnamon • 1tsp Ground Cloves > Sift into large mixing bowl • 6oz Dark Muscovado Sugar > mix in. • 6oz Butter > crumble in with fingers until texture is consistent. • 3 Eggs > Beat in. • 10oz Mixed Dried Fruit • 4oz Glacé Cherries • 2oz Crystallised Ginger > Mix in. > Pour into a 10” baking tin that has been greased and lined with baking paper. >...
  8. Books and sources for overcoming secondary problems

    A list of books to help with secondary problems (depression, anxiety, trauma, neglect, abuse).
  9. Alexithymia (trouble identifying and describing emotions)

    This guide explains alexithymia, what causes it, the harmful effects of it, and how to better understand your feelings so you can be yourself and be in control of how you feel.
  10. Sensitivity to criticism - How to overcome it

    This guide explains why some people are sensitive to criticism or get upset easily when they are criticized. It then shows you how to reduce your sensitivity to criticism so you don't get upset when you are criticized. Based on scientific research proven to be effective.
  11. Replacing Unhelpful Beliefs with More Accurate and Helpful Beliefs

    This blog entry contains a list of unhelpful, negative, and inaccurate beliefs followed by more helpful, positive, and accurate beliefs that can be used to feel better about yourself and make it easier to get along with other people.
  12. Learning what it takes to socialize

    One great result that came from getting my anxiety under control is that now I'm willing to approach new experiences. From each of these experiences I'm able to learn and do better each time afterwards, which is how I'm getting better at job interviews. The frustrating part about this is actually getting the interviews. I can only get better the more I go to, but employers don't make it easy. I can't tell you how many times I've been told "we're not actually hiring right now" or "we just...
  13. Eye contact

    A few tips to make eye contact easier.
  14. Being yourself - How to act around other people

    How to be yourself and why it's good advice. Learn the difference between adapting versus masking and how to act in social situations.
  15. Knowing Yourself - How to improve your self-esteem

    Do you find social interaction stressful? Do you get upset easily? Are you sensitive to criticism? These are all signs of an unhealthy self-esteem. Learn how to improve it by changing the way you think about yourself. A healthy self-esteem is essential for positive social interactions, making friends, and long-term relationships. Be the best person you can be by learning how to improve your self-esteem.