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Aspergers & Autism

  1. Books and sources for overcoming secondary problems

    A list of books to help with secondary problems (depression, anxiety, trauma, neglect, abuse).
  2. DBT and Autism

    CBT is often brought up for autism and emotional regulation but DBT can work too..and in my case much better,
  3. Alexithymia (trouble identifying and describing emotions)

    This guide explains alexithymia, what causes it, the harmful effects of it, and how to better understand your feelings so you can be yourself and be in control of how you feel.
  4. Sensitive to criticism? Here's how to overcome it

    This guide explains why some people are sensitive to criticism or get upset easily when they are criticized. It then shows you how to reduce your sensitivity to criticism so you don't get upset when you are criticized. Based on scientific research proven to be effective.
  5. Replacing Unhelpful Beliefs with More Accurate and Helpful Beliefs

    This blog entry contains a list of unhelpful, negative, and inaccurate beliefs followed by more helpful, positive, and accurate beliefs that can be used to feel better about yourself and make it easier to get along with other people.
  6. Eye contact

    A few tips to make eye contact easier.
  7. Being yourself - How to act around other people

    How to be yourself and why it's good advice. Learn the difference between adapting versus masking and how to act in social situations.
  8. Knowing Yourself - How to improve your self-esteem

    Do you find social interaction stressful? Do you get upset easily? Are you sensitive to criticism? These are all signs of an unhealthy self-esteem. Learn how to improve it by changing the way you think about yourself. A healthy self-esteem is essential for positive social interactions, making friends, and long-term relationships. Be the best person you can be by learning how to improve your self-esteem.
  9. My Disabled/Low Income Resource List For 2020

    An ongoing list of pandemic relevant resources for disabled and low-income that will help us all (I hope!).
  10. Why social interactions are stressful

    Learn three common sources of stress in social interactions, what research shows causes our emotions and how to avoid experiencing unwanted emotions.
  11. This Zen Lark

    So, how on earth did I get into this Zen lark? It's a fairly typical story, I should imagine. I discovered the wonderful power of mindful meditation to manage the stress, pain and uncertainty of this strange condition that we're all on this site discussing. I'm sure most of you will have discovered your own techniques for dealing with ASD-related anxiety issues. Well, mindfulness is kind of a big deal in the West as a so-called third wave intervention, often complementing CBT-style...
  12. How I managed my anxiety

    Since I didn't already know how to go about being in public and carrying out tasks successfully, I asked my counselor for help and she always gave me the right advice. If I had any issues with my classes or registration she would tell me exactly what to do and what I should do incase things didn't go right. With her help I started completing important objectives and that's when I began building confidence in myself. Before that I would always anticipate things going wrong, and not knowing...
  13. When I first recognized I had a problem.

    I was new in college (back in 2015) when I noticed that I had a difficult time acclimating to things. I was always busy on campus dealing with registration and classes, and I was at that campus by myself. Everyday I couldn't wait till I was back home where it was safe. I was afraid of doing things on my own for fear of failing at those things and ruining my chance at college. I had never been allowed to think and act freely before, and now that I could decide for myself I had no idea how....
  14. Executive Functioning and Setting Goals

    First of all, I wanna start this telling YOU that if you have been struggling all quarantine to complete one single task or you feel you're lazy and you haven't achieved anything in a month: That's okay, and you are not alone. We're all having a bad time, 'cause this is a PANDEMIC, not a vacation. So, go easy on yourself. I believe in you. This changed the way I see myself and my life I - as many of you - have been struggling really hard with executive functioning all my life. I've been...
  15. Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Autism

    This blog entry describes how mast cell disorders may contribute to ASD.