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Cant understand non religious people's love of life

I got made fun of by a family friend today, bc of my beliefs. Than another person chimes in talking about how someone famous wrote an article about how god doesn't exist and bla bla.

I guess, congratulations since you can stand this life without getting suicidal and hating yourself? Congratulations that you love life so much and have so much luck to have belief in people, not God? I am jealous of you for going along life without hating yourself since you were 5.

Actually no i am not jealous at all. I am glad to have this life and these difficulties, bc it reminds me that this life is limited, and also not to expect infinite kindness and acceptance from people, people like you in particular.

God knows, if i was born a nonverbal autistic person, these family friends would probably abandon my parents and stop seeing them al together. They are only kind and friendly bc i pass as normal enough. So i am not going to let them bother me


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