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Beliefs aren't reality

By Raggamuffin · Sep 9, 2021 · ·
  1. I tried to look into the emotion behind my daily aches and pains. I concluded it must be fear. This set me off in tears as I thought to myself - I am always afraid. Ever since I started seeing Dr's about my constant pains and they attempted to reassure me that it was 'just anxiety'. I was still afraid however. In fact, every time I get a pain - I am afraid.

    I look to my how I live my life and I'm scared of people, scared of losing my job, of my family judging me, of my health, my diet, my teeth, world events and money. Perfectly normal to some, abnormal for others. For me - I attach catastrophic thoughts to so much in life. Every day it's a barrage of fearful and negative thoughts - and it doesn't stop. I suppose ADHD and ASD can go some way to prove my brain is wired differently. It is what it is - I experience life in a very intense way, that means striking an emotional balance isn't easy. I go from one extreme to the next.

    That's not to say it's all negative. I feel a deep sense of enjoyment for nature and animals, music and food. I get very moved emotionally though. As a child I had many moments of overwhelming fear too. These became more prolonged and dominant as I grew up. When I was a kid, I cried a lot and became rather renowned for it - the cry baby. As I got older I bottled it up; damming up emotions during stressful situations and not allowing myself the release and conclusion that crying provides. Beneath the surface and the social mask - I find I'm extremely fragile. Friends have claimed I have strengths, but all this fear sows doubt and in truth I feel a lot of unworthiness. I go extended periods where multiple times a week I'm almost moved to tears but I'm rarely allowing it to spill over. I just feel so full.

    Amidst the tears this morning I tried to reassure myself it was alright - that I'm not in any danger. But I live amidst my own narrative, and whilst there might not be any reason to be afraid - it's my own truth. Now that I have stopped crying and began to write and explore this more - I feel a lot calmer. There is a degree of shame attached to crying I think - it makes me fearful of allowing myself a perfectly normal reaction to intense emotions.

    Beliefs aren't reality, but our thoughts can convince us otherwise.


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  1. Wulven
    I share those fears as well. Have lived life always afaird. Trying to prepare for everything. It's not possible. And being afraid takes a toll on your body, mind, and spirit. It is not an easy fight. A prolonged war always seeming to end in stalemate. Unable to fully set aside the fear. I only found peace. Within my faith. Only then did fear leave me. I still struggle with it from time to time. But, I have my faith to fight it with. And my friend helps me fight too.
    Belief can become reality. Just find the path forward and walk it until the darkness of fear is left behind.
  2. James45
    Thanks I will have a look at those books.

    Yes I truly believe that beliefs are the issue. My theory is, beliefs are the software, brain the hardware, reality the screen. Change the software, it changes the screen. Faulty software messes up everything. Interestingly we not are taught or told this, and generally told to focus on the screen or the external, that gets us nowhere...just spending our lives helplessly reacting to the screen, hoping for a nicer picture and the crappy software runs and runs and runs...
    1. Raggamuffin
      "Environments are not objective things, conglomerations of objects that exist independently of you. Instead you form them and they are quite literally extensions of yourself and materialized by mental acts that extend outward from your consciousness. Your scientists are finally learning what philosophers have known for centuries – that mind can influence matter. They still have to discover the fact that mind creates and forms matter." Seth Speaks, The Eternal Validity of the Soul
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  3. James45
    Hi Ed, parts of what you describe sound familiar to me, however in my personal investigations into my internal world I have concluded the beliefs you hold create your day to day reality.

    If you hunt down your beliefs they often seem to correlate to your experience (although sometimes to not easy to find those beliefs). I am now working on how to change beliefs...I think it is a case of questioning them. I am only mentioning this as I am often on the edge and need to urgently find solutions, this seems to have potential....
    1. Raggamuffin
      You should read the Seth books. He says the same thing - you create your own reality. The first book of the series is called The Eternal Validity of the Soul.

      I do think that my beliefs are reflected back at me in life. But, that's why I guess I think the beliefs are the issue, not so much the reality. As that is simply adjusting to what energy I'm projecting into it.
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