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Banana & Pear Chocolate Fudge Pie

By Karamazov · Aug 4, 2020 · ·
  1. (All measures in British Imperial)

    • 2 tbsp Icing Sugar
    • <6 oz Self-Raising Flour
    * I ditch the sugar in the measuring bowl, then weigh so both that and the flour together make 6 oz.
    • 3 oz Butter
    • Water
    > as per previous pastry instructions.

    • 4 oz Butter, melted
    • 2 Eggs, whisked until even colour & consistency.
    > mix together with whisk
    • 5 oz Dark Brown Sugar
    • Sliced Vanilla Pod to taste
    > mix in
    • 1.5 oz Plain Flour
    • 1.5 oz Cocoa Powder
    > sift onto above, then fold in
    • 2 Conference Pears: peeled, cored and diced.
    • 1 Banana, peeled and diced.
    > fold into above.
    > pour into pastry case.
    > bake at 180C for 30 mins (this comes out gooey in the middle: I like it like that, bake for a little longer if that’s not your thing)

    Consume with gusto! :D
    (I have it warm with double cream ;))
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  1. AprilR
    Sounds like the work of a pro! I try to stick to the recipe since i am still learning to bake well. My family (my dad especially) is very strict about healthy living and doesn't eat much sugar, so i am pretty much self taught.
      Karamazov likes this.
    1. Karamazov
      I just leap into experimenting without thinking about it, usually “forced“ experiment around what’s in the cupboard: sometimes it’s delicious, sometimes it’s a disaster (green lentil and carrot pie for instance: that didn’t work!)
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  2. AprilR
    Looks and sounds amazing!
    1. Karamazov
      Thank you.
      I took the filling from an American pecan nut pie recipe, reconfigured it based on what I had that needed using up (the riper the fruit the better it turns out)... then used an adaptation of a cheesecake base for the pastry :) been making it since 2006/7 (it was winter, but can’t remember which side of christmas)
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