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Blog Entries from Suzette

  1. Summer and fall by the numbers

    Period covers July 5th 2021 to December 24th 2021. Days away from home: 146 Miles travelled: 11,596 Unique beds slept in: 11 States travelled: 8 Counties visited: 2 Cars used: 2 (old one was sold for a newer used car) Families vistited: 6 Hours driving: oh god.... Hours spent "hanging out": I don't know, I went to my happy place Deaths of loved ones: 2 Number of times hands washed: I have no "hands" left! Covid infections: 0
  2. Living on a sailboat ain't all that glam

    Several people have commented on the "romance" of living on a sailboat. I always assume they mean "romance" in the sense of Hemmingway, not Romance<3 <3 <3 in the sense of a Harlequin novel. Yes, there is some adventure but often living on a boat is just hard work. It certainly is not convenient. To go to the store, for example, we get in our 8 foot dinghy and motor (electric motor) about 1k to the nearest dock. Easy peasy. Except an 8 foot dinghy sides are only about 10" above the...
  3. It's just another manic meltdown

    I had my first meltdown in over a year today. And today is the first day I have recognized that my meltdowns are, maybe, different than an NT might exprience. Despite the draining, ugly nature of my meltdown, seeing this event differently is a relief! Ever since I remember, meltdowns have been a part of my life. They have been shocking in intensity and bewildering for me to have. I'll be minding my own business and a comment from another sets off this tsunami of emotion. Usually the...
  4. Funny boobs

    I babysat my three year old neice yesterday. We were watching t.v. and she was sitting on my lap when she told me "You have funny boobs". It took all of effort to not laugh. I had been feeling quite pressured and stressed but that one line made everything right again.
  5. Sorting it all out

    I have taken several online Autisim assessment quizes, tests now. I have repeated the AQ test about 5 times and the Aspie Quiz 3 times. I have also completed a similar test from a book I sm reading. No matter what mood I am in, no matter how I check my self to ensure honest answers, I get similar results. Significant autistic traits. I am trying to be cautious here. I realize that there is some possibility that I am unconciously skewing results based on my deep need to belong. Taking...