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Blog Entries from Misery

  1. Board game stuffs #2: One of the best of them

    Today we'll talk about Spirit Island, one of the biggest and best of them all.
  2. New house! Super excited! Exclamation points!!!

    I have photos! Er... I dunno what else to say here. It's time to move!
  3. AI-Generated commercials #2

    This product was made from 100% real weirdos and is also a complete and balanced breakfast.
  4. Learning some new stuff. Complicated stuff.

    Okay, so, in my thread over in the art section, I posted a topic about 3D fractal art, along with some images that I've created. It can be found here: My 3D fractal art That stuff is complicated. I mean, 3D rendering always is, right? But this is different from, say, making 3D objects in Blender or whatever. Very different. Fractals are very strange things. And 3D fractals are even stranger. But how in the world do you actually make images like those? Well, I figured I'd show a...
  5. Bob's Perfect Sporks (AI creation #1)

    An outline of a commercial for the only product you'll ever need.
  6. Board game stuffs #2 (part 2 of 2): and over and over and over.

    I swear this dumb thing doesnt work right. But anyway, the conclusion to the Dark Souls entry.
  7. Board game stuffs #2 (part 1 of 2): Prepare to die over and over

    Wherein I showcase an example of a game that wants you to lose a lot. I mean, duh, it's Dark Souls.
  8. Finally back, and more board games

    Wow, yeah... it's been a LONG time since I last did one of these, yeah? Blame Covid for this. The last one I did was in December, but... my anxiety over the virus started in January, as early January was when I first heard of the blasted thing. Thanks to that, I havent felt like doing anything like this since. But lately, well, 2020 is over with, and I've had some nice mood boosts since, so... let's go for it! Going to talk about some more board game stuff here, to spread the word about...
  9. The Island

    Okay, meant to do this earlier, forgot. But anyway, it's time I talk about the island a bit, as I've gotten numerous questions about it. But first, let me grace you with this amazing picture: This fluffy ball of absolute perfection is my dog, Cooper. I often call him Fuzzball. Here he is, in his first time encountering the ocean. I dont have pictures of it, but we were at a spot just off the causeway here. There are certain areas on the island that simply dont have waves at all most of...
  10. So it's birthday time, could have done without that present

    Considering my birthday present was a sleepless, panicky night full of infinite snot and the total sensory overload that accompanied it. Accursed allergies. Or maybe a brief cold. I genuinely cant tell the difference... the end result is exactly the same. On the plus side, I discovered that it's possible for a nasal clog to abruptly delete itself in the space of a second. Thank you, mystery pill. Too bad I discovered this when sleep time was nearly over. Feh. Seriously though, took...
  11. Too Many Dice

    So, today, I'm just gonna ramble about a specific board game I've been into. Why? Because I bloody well can, that's why. Nobody can stop me. Well, maybe Batman could. Yeah, there's other hobbies I havent talked about yet, but they're a bit more difficult to do, so I'll hold off a bit till I've got photos and info sorted. For now... board games. Today's game is Too Many Bones. Sometimes I wonder how they come up with these names. Billed as a "dice-builder RPG", the game very clearly...
  12. Let's ramble about twisty puzzles (part 2)

    So, last time, I explained the basic Rubik's Cube. As well as my method: only 2 algorithms, but they are VERSATILE. They can be used in many ways... and on almost any puzzle. It's just a matter of figuring out HOW to use them, and making slight tweaks if needed. Which is good, because now things get funky. Case in point, the Megaminx: This intimidating thing is often the second puzzle for those into this hobby (well, those who are into it beyond just the speed aspect). Many more sides...
  13. Let's ramble about twisty puzzles

    Okay. Time to talk a bit about hobby #2. This time, we enter the wild world of twisty puzzles. There's some crazy stuff in here, but let's start with the one that everyone knows, and in the process, I'll talk a bit about how I got into this. The original Rubik's Cube. Everyone knows what this thing is, and everyone knows just how it works. Scramble it up by twisting the different faces of the cube, and then attempt to get it back to it's starting state. Everyone knows that. And...
  14. Part two of that first one that didnt fit

    Welcome back. Yet again, I am Misery. Yet again, I might instead be Scrap Baby. It depends on where you're entering this from as to which name you'll know me by. But whichever name I use here, it's still me ranting about whatever. This is just part 2 of the Big Board Game Rant Post Thing. Let's get right back to it: Pandemic: The Cure Here's something a bit simpler, yet no less brutal. What a strange looking thing, eh? The original Pandemic is a world-spanning game about racing to...
  15. Well let's get this started. Part 1 of 2 because HERP DERP CHARACTER LIMIT

    Welcome, whoever you are. I am Misery. Usually. I suppose it depends on where you're getting here from. It's possible that a few of you may know me as Scrap Baby. I suppose I have a few names, but right now, those two are most relevant. Right now, as I type this, this is entirely located on AutismForums. It's possible this may appear elsewhere as well. Who knows? I sure dont. I dont even know if anyone is going to read this. Yet I seem to be typing this anyway. How practical....