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Blog Entries from Ephraim Becker

  1. I just ordered the new Smart&Cool Gen4 magnetic charger

    I just ordered the new Smart&Cool Gen4 magnetic charger. It comes with a magnetic cable and adaptors for both micro-usb android phones and lightning iPhones. This means that there's no more hassles with connecting my charger to my LG Stylo 2 V. Also, My parents both have iPhones and I have my mother's old iPhone 5C because my LG Stylo 2 V doesn't work with my Google Cardboard due to it not having a gyroscope sensor. Just recently, My father saw the lightning charger in my room that I use for...
  2. Yom Tov is over, allowing me to finally research my weird problem

    The 2 day Yom Tov of Shavuos is finally over, allowing me to finally research my weird problem with the insect sound in my ear. I researched it and discovered that I have Tinnitus.
  3. My father went with me to a doctor nearby

    My father went with me to a doctor a block away, but he wasn't home. We then went to a doctor a little further away and he was nice enough to check my ears and ask someone to turn on the light equipment to check my ears (he couldn't do it himself because it was Yom Tov). He checked my ears and saw nothing in it and told me that i'm having a sensation and that I should take 2 Advil pills. Me and my father went back home to the meal and I tool 2 Advil pills. Right when I took it, I started...
  4. I hear buzzing in my ears for the first time in my life

    I'm very scared right now! I hear the sound of an insect in my ears. I don't know what to do. I never had this before. If an insect is really in my head, I have a feeling that it will eat away a lot of my brain.
  5. My mimicker alarm clock works!

    My new alarm clock, mimicker, solved my oversleeping problem. You can install the android app here.
  6. I found an interesting android app called mimicker

    I found an interesting app in the Google Play Store called mimicker. The app description says that it solves people's wake up problems. I'm trying this app for my alarm clock instead of my Amazon Echo alarm clock for tomorrow morning.
  7. Today was a very stressful and overwhelming day

    Today was very stressful and overwhelming. I didn't wake up until 12:00 PM. After davening(praying) and drinking coffee, it was 1PM. I started doing the week 4 labs in my Java course on edX and I just finished the labs 15 minutes ago. I didn't eat or drink anything besides coffee. I am very overwhelmed now.
  8. I just got and set up my 4K monitor

    I just got and set up my Dell 24-inch IPS 4K monitor. I connected this monitor to my Surface Pro 4 with the included Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. This monitor displays at 3840x2160 at 60Hz. I now have 2 screens. The Surface Pro 4 2736x1824 screen and the Dell p2415q 3840x2160 screen. I also now can connect 4 USB 3.0 devices up from 1 USB 3.0 device thanks to the USB 3.0 hub ports in the monitor. You can find all about my 4K monitor here.
  9. I finally made my first successful attempt at a perfect Green Screen footage

    I finally made my first successful attempt at a perfect Green Screen footage. I'm not posting this video because the actors (2 of my siblings and 1 cousin) wanted privacy.
  10. I received a $50 Amazon gift card and spent most of it in one day

    I received a $50 Amazon gift card 2 hours ago. I bought with it a: Amazon.com: WEKA 3D Hologram Pyramid Display Holographic Showcase for Smartphones Christmas Gift: Cell Phones & Accessories Amazon.com: Phone Case for Verizon LG Stylo-2-V / Straight Talk LG Stylo 2 LTE (Cricket Wireless) Rugged Cover Wide Stand (Wide Stand-Black Corner): Cell Phones & Accessories Amazon.com : AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag : Camera & Photo Amazon.com: Micro USB Charging Dock, Android...
  11. My new Green Screen just got delivered to my house and it's very big

    My new Green Screen just got delivered to my house. My old Green Screen was a little small measuring at 6x9 feet. This new one is much bigger measuring at 10x20 feet. See for yourself:
  12. I'm finally getting LED lighting for my Green Screen

    I'm finally getting LED lighting for my Green Screen. My mother ordered it for me from my grandmother-on-my-mother's-side's credit card (it's a Chanukah present from my grandmother-on-my-mother's-side).
  13. The package drop-off to the UPS location was successful

    I successfully dropped off the package I had to return to Amazon to the UPS drop-off location and even had macaroni & cheese pizza in the pizza store.
  14. I'm very overwhelmed because of so many things in my head

    I'm very overwhelmed because I have too much things in my head: I have to complete at least one chapter on my Linux course I have to return a package to Amazon, which includes Figuring out how to put the box that the package came in back together Cut out and attach the labels Walk all the way to the UPS drop-off location (which is a 35 minute walk) and back home (another 35 minutes) Voices in my head from my enemies that i'm too retarded to do these things
  15. My new smartphone doesn't have a gyroscope, making it useless for Google Cardboard

    My new Android smartphone doesn't have a gyroscope, which makes it not compatible with the Google Cardboard. I had a meltdown every time my father called me downstairs for something because of this.