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A head start

By Raggamuffin · Oct 4, 2021 ·
  1. Recorded a new audioblog that I'm going to get uploaded to my Youtube tonight. Part of me wonders if it might be worth making a new channel just for those. I made a few video recordings on my new phone and the 4k 60FPS camera quality is outstanding. Once my skin clears up a bit more on my face I might give a go at some video blogs too.

    Got to work at 06:15. I was up at 04:55. Had breakfast then drove to March. Checked on the house. The neighbour over the road is using our car space infront of the house. I'll text him when we get the closing date so the new owner hasn't got a car blocking them. Although, she did say that she didn't drive. So it might end up getting used by other people in the street - which isn't good.

    Drove to a supposedly 24 hour petrol station and it was shut. Even though Google said it's opening times had been "recently updated". I went again at 7 and it was open. I left work because the system was broken. Couldn't get any work done so I decided to try the petrol station again. Thankfully it was open, then I drove to the shop near the park where I staff on my lunch breaks.

    Got back to work and the system was still broken and IT hadn't replied to my initial message. So I decided to ring Kristy. She's off to Holland this morning and is understandably a little nervous. I went on a walk through the woods. I saw the old boy, Bill on his bike who rode past me and gave me a wave. Me and Kristy had a nice chat, joked around a bit etc. Got back to work and IT had replied to me, but the system still isn't working properly.

    I wanted a head start today as there's been quite a lot of changes in recent weeks. New workshops we're using, and a new technician. New processes. Certain things being escalated so lots of management are getting involved and hampering my usual flow with how I work. All in all, I'm still trying to adapt to all these changes and I thought an extra couple of hours headstart on a Monday morning might help.

    Bought some picture mounts last night so that I can frame my A4 size original drawings in an A3 size picture frame. It should make the pictures look more valuable, professional and impressive. Once they're all framed I'm going to try my luck at some art and craft fairs. Whilst I also have my A2 size drawing to complete, once that's done I want to stick to A4 and A3 drawings for now. They're quicker to complete, easier to carry around with me. Frames, mounts etc are cheaper to buy. Also my printer can go up to A3 size but not A2. If I wanted a scanner to be able to do my own copies and prints of originals - an A3 size scanner is much more affordable than buying one that can scan A2. So it all makes sense to me.

    Hermit mode helped on the weekend. Went on 2 bike rides. Strong winds on both days, but it made it fun. I'll ring the solicitor this morning for an update. Need to chase him regularly now. He's been a liability and we can't afford anymore delays. This week must be the week we discuss dates. Last week the documents were sent for the buyer to sign and return. It can't take a week for a letter to be delivered. So I'm going to keep pushing and chasing. I can rest easy once the money is in my bank account.

    25 days until prep and a temp crown is put in. Then early November to have my gold crown fitted. After that we look into the wisdom tooth extraction and if it can be done on the NHS. That's the next big step, because if I have to pay private that is going to take all my spare money until February. It's annoying that I'd been wanting to save money fast at my parents, but realistically I might not be able to start saving until spring. Which might mean I don't move into my own place until summer.

    Still, at least I'm not as stressed out now I'm in Haddenham. Once this house sale saga is complete I will feel a lot more at ease. Then I can focus on sorting out the dental work that needs doing. Then I can look to finding my next home. Hopefully in the mean time I get somewhere with local art and craft fairs and get some of my work sold. Extra money on the side would be invaluable right about now. If I can put down a 15% or more deposit on a house, it will help save me even more money when I'm living on my own.

    As much as I'd like a faster car, I think I need to focus on the long game which is pay off my mortgage as early as possible and plan ahead for my future. A faster car uses more fuel, costs more tax, might cost more in repairs and maintenance. I can't justify that at all really. Whereas these small engine, compact city cars that I've bought a few of seem to go the distance and have a lot less features and electrical gadgets (which tend to break) which saves me money in the long run.

    System is still down. Only 14 mins before my shift actually starts. Apparently it's working fine on the IT guys computer now. So maybe mine is at fault? I guess I best finish this up here. I'm hoping this week goes ok. Thus far, with worrying about Kristy leaving today, the house sale going through and not being able to have a head start at work this morning - I'm feeling a little stressed out already.


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